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Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Sibling Group of Five

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a sibling group of five...

This sibling group is one of several children who a Hand In Hand family was able to meet this March during their trip to the Philippines to bring home their teen.  Hand In Hand is starting the search for a family by looking for families in the vicinity of the Indiana office because these children are good friends with recently adopted children here. If no families are available locally, we will spread the net further.  The orphanage also would prefer a Catholic family because the children are older and have been raised in that faith in this particular institution.

Yesterday, Hand In Hand was hand-delivered the case study on these children by Ms. J., their social worker, who is currently in Fort Wayne as the escort for the children here as part of the hosting program. The full file and picture are available.  The summary is here, followed by a report from the family who visited these children in March.

A: Male, DOB July 21, 1999
B: Female DOB April 25, 2002
C: Male, DOB January 4, 2004
D: Male, DOB July 25, 2005
E: Male, DOB June 10, 2008

The children came into care in 2011; they are half-orphans, and remaining relatives are unable to care for them. They are currently in a Catholic institution run by religious sisters.

A: Male, DOB July 21, 1999: Child A stays in the same dormitory as his two younger brothers. He is responsible and caring for his younger siblings. He adjusted easily to life at the institution, and performs his duties at the dormitory. He has completed grade 3 and regularly attends school, and is diligent, attentive and participative in class. He has not complained about being the oldest child in the class even though he had started school at a later age. He is generally happy, healthy and active, playful and friendly. He performs his duties with less supervision, but sometimes shows stubbornness. He likes to play basketball and football, and he is interested in art, music, reading books, and storytelling. He joins in sports and dance presentations. He has a stutter that has improved with speech therapy.

B: Female DOB April 25, 2002: Child B is healthy, active and bright. She is friendly, outgoing and playful, and does her duties with less supervision. She is good at dancing and participates in various activities at the institution. She is in Grade 4 at a private school, and has good marks, and is noted to tell the truth and act simply and honestly. She is very anxious to have a family and often asks if a family is coming for her and her siblings.

C: Male, DOB January 4, 2004: Child C is in Grade 3. He is noted to be diligent and participative in class, but did not accomplish homework and projects on time, so his marks are fair. He is a healthy and active child with a small build. He is well-adjusted to life in the dormitory, and does his tasks with less supervision. He is independent in self-care, even doing his own laundry without supervision. He enjoys outdoor games. He answers back or reasons out when reprimanded. He is a sensitive child and does not like to be teased by his peers.

D: Male, DOB July 25, 2005: Child D has finished Grade 1 with good marks, and was enrolled in Grade 2. In Grade 2, he manifested disruptive behaviors, and was sent for home study. When he realized that he was left out of school, he promised to behave better, went back to school for the final two quarters and finished with fair grades. He will be promoted to Grade 3. He is healthy and active, not picky about foods, and sleeps well. He does simple tasks around the dormitory, and enjoys participating in activities. He loves to dance and participate in games. He is an active altar server.

E: Male, DOB June 10, 2008: Child E is healthy and energetic. He can follow simple dance steps, pedal a tricycle and copy numbers and letters. He can take care of most of his self-care without assistance. His language development and social skills are properly developed. He is friendly and outgoing, but timid and quiet during activities. He likes to play with his peers, and he can sing nursery rhymes.

Family notes from March 2014:

"At H., the sister in charge told me they have a sibling group of five that they are hoping to match. She said they would like them to be near our teenagers because they are good friends with them; they would prefer a Catholic family because the kids are older and have been raised that way. She said they think they may have to split the siblings because they don't know if they can find a family open to five. I told her not to consider splitting a close sibling group; Hand In Hand just placed a sibling group of five, and it can be done! I also asked if I could meet the kids, so that I could advocate for them, and the following Saturday, I was able to meet them briefly.

Ms. J., my teens' social worker, introduced me to the oldest boy, who greeted her with the customary sign of respect, pressing her hand to his forehead. He listened politely and with interest as she talked to him. His little sister gave me a moment that lit a fire under me to find her a family. Ms. J. told her that I was going to try to find her a family. Unfortunately, this little girl's English was not too good, and she misunderstood. Her little face absolutely lit up, and she exclaimed, "You found us a family!" I felt terrible having to tell her, "Not yet; your paperwork still isn't quite done, but I will try." She looked so disappointed...but I'm determined to see if I can make this happen for these kids. She is so hopeful.

Her little brothers did not stop long enough to talk. They were running around in the crowd of little kids clapping noisemakers that they had just gotten at a party a benefactor had sponsored for the kids. I looked back over our pictures later, and noticed that one of them was hanging on my son's arm in his entrustment ceremony pictures.

I asked my teens about them, and they both would really like to see these friends of theirs come home nearby.  My oldest daughter said she used to help take care of the little one when he was a toddler."


Interested families should contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3566 about these children for a full file and picture.

 Requirements for adopting from the Philippines are here: Hand In Hand Philippines Program

Families inquiring about waiting children like these may find that some of the rules are relaxed. Children in the Philippines often can be hosted through the Hand In Hand Summer Hosting Program as well.

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Waiting Children in China


If you see a child listed below and want to learn more about the child and see his or her full file, please contact Vickie Truelove at


Girl 415D-Born July 29, 2010-Congenital Downs Syndrome, possible congenital heart disease, motional development delayed
This precious girl is 3 years and 9 months old.  She came to live at the social welfare institute at about 2 months old.  While upon her initial exam she was ill and behind in development, she has proven what a little fighter she is as she quickly joined the other children in the infant room and about a year ago began living with other toddlers her age.

After admission she nearly spent the whole day in the bed. She could not express her needs and had slow reaction due to Down’s syndrome. At the age of 100days, she had some improvement, could hold toys with hands, liked listening to caretakers speaking, liked sucking her fingers, liked candy and fruits usually. Her physical development was the same like other normal children. She was restless and naughty like many children her age.  Over time, she has became a clever and lovely girl.  Usually she is curious with new things around her. When she joined the toddler group, she was introverted, did not like speaking and contacting with strangers. After half a year of efforts,  she is more comfortable now and plays games with other children and helps clean the room. She is open and active, and she is happy every day.

She is described as clever and restless, pure, lovely and full of passion for life.  She especially enjoys going out with loving mom (caregiver) and asks for hug from mom.  Her caregivers say, “We all hope she can have her own family. Every child wants to have a complete family, which is important. We bless she will have a warm family and have a happy life in the future.” Report Dated September 13, 2013.

Girl 415G-born October 10, 2010 

This sweet girl is 3 years and 7 months old.  We are waiting on the translation of her full medical report and information.

We know from her general developmental report that at the time of the report that she could build towers of 8 blocks, walk steadily on his own and up the stairs with a hand on the wall.  She can help put on his clothes and then take them off and responds to people asking her for her toys.  She likes his toys, smiles easily and gets along well with others.

She is described as timid, restless, and fairly extroverted.   She gets along well with his caretakers and other children in the same institution.

We are looking forward to receiving the translation of his report to share more about her with you!

Girl 425K-Born May.11 2007- severe development delay; normal physical development
This precious girl is nearly 7 years old.  The report and information is dated May, June, and July 2012.  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that she has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption.  She came to live at the institution when she was about a month old.  She now benefits from the love and care of a foster family where she’s been since she was about 1 year old.

In the foster family, she sleeps with foster mother, and likes to kick the quilt off in her sleep.  Every day she has regular meal time and also good appetite.  She can take care of her toileting needs independently.  The report states that her language and motor development is delayed compared with peers.  She doesn’t like to communicate with others.  At 5 years old she went to kindergarten and liked to go to school. In the kindergarten, she is obedient to teachers and plays games with children. She learned to count numbers, from 1-10, but she couldn’t write.  She enjoyed kindergarten so much that she would ask to go to school on the weekends.  At the time of the report, she could understand adults and could say basic words to express her needs.  She also used body language to  express herself  like waving good bye when she would leave.

When she meets strangers at first, she is reserved and shy.  She is fond of watching TV, and can imitate; she likes to play with the older foster sister, and likes to play swing on the playground.   She is described as quiet and introverted. Reports dated May, June and July 2012.


Boy 415B-Born Aug 21 2010- Mild brain dysplasia, some high muscular tension with the lower limbs
This adorable little boy is now 3 years and 9 months old.  The report and information was dated April 2013 when he was 2 years and 9 months old.  He came to the social welfare institute when he was about 6 months old.  When he was 2 years old he had a ct scan that resulted in a diagnosis of brain dysplasia.

At 2years 9months old he can sit and stand and walk alone. He can climb. When walking alone, he has the abnormal steps. He falls down easily due to the right lower limb. He has the fine movement skills with his hands. He has good self-care ability for a 2 year old. He can put on and off his clothes and shoes.  He is described as having good cognition. He can speak 2-5 words. He can understand the people, things and language well. He has normal intelligence development and language development.

He likes to play balls and blocks and enjoys spending time with his friends.  He is described as shy, easygoing, and sensible. Report Dated April 21, 2013.

Boy 415F-born April 10, 2010- cleft palate, postoperative cleft lip, delayed growth development, mild anemia
This little boy just celebrated his 4th birthday.  The report and information was dated May 2013 when he was just 2 years old.  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that he has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption.  He arrived at the child welfare institute when he was about 6 days old.  He received surgery for his cleft lip when he was 1 year 2 months old.

The report dated May 2013 states: now the child can crawl, can use his upper arms to support his former body, can sit with support, likes to be cuddled by his caretaker, likes listening to music. He is described as cuddly and gentle. Report dated May 2013.

Boy 506 - born Dec 12 2009 – mild hydrocephalus, no operation needed, congenital deafness with cochlear implant
 This little boy who is 4 years old was on our Special Focus list previously.  We have since received an update with new photos and are once again looking for his forever family!

UPDATE May 2014:
Since the initial report, he was diagnosed as congenitally deaf.  This would explain the delay in language development mentioned in his original report.  He received cochlear implant surgery on November 29, 2013 and then was sent to the training center for deaf children.  Thanks to the surgery, he can now hear.  He can say “Baba, Mama, eat, good” and other simple words.

INITIAL report dated December 20, 2012
He came to this institute on  Jul 13 2010.  On admission, the child received a physical exam by the medical staff in the institute. He has hydrocephaly, low intelligence. But he eats well and has the regular diet. He is not a picky eater.  The staff gives him some fruits, cookies and cakes every day. During the hospitalization, we pay attention to his health and give him the OPV and MR.

Boy 415A- Born Oct.8 2009- meningocele (VIDEO AVAILABLE)

This little guy is now 4 ½ years old.   Please note that his information is dated November 2010 when he was 13 months old.  .  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that he has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption.   His physical exam at 13 month old revealed lumbar meningocele. At that time, they were contacting the hospital for his operation.

At 13 months old he was a fairly extroverted, active, cute boy, who had a ready smile. He received touch-training. Because of his disease, at 13 months old he could not stand alone, but he liked to stand while holding onto support. He liked to listen to music, and when he was happy he moved his body with the music.  His caretakers think he is very cute and so do we! He liked to read picture books very much; when he saw colorful books, he pointed at them with his small fingers curiously and smiled happily. He liked to play games with other children very much, and gets along well with them. When he is happy he giggled aloud. The report states “He has brought us much joy and the caretakers and children here like him very much.” Report dated November 2010.

UPDATE May 2014
Hand In Hand requested an update for this sweet little guy.  The updated stated he received lumbar spinal canal exploration and dural repair surgery on March 23, 2011.  He recovered well after the surgery.  His mental, language, and motor skills are slightly delayed compared to his peers.  As a result he is receiving special education.

He can say simple words, such as “Mama”.  He can understand simple instructions.  He can put on and take off his clothes, socks and shoes.  He can feed himself. He can walk alone, run, climb up and down stairs holding handrails. He can grab toys.  He has become shier since his initial report.

Boy 425J-Born Sept.12 2009- congenital heteroplasia of macula of both eyes

This sweet boy is now 4 years old.  The report is dated February 2012.  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that he has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption.  He came into the care of the institute at about 6 months old. 

The February 2012 reports says because of congenital heteroplasia of macula he can’t see things but has light perception. If he wakes up in the night, he would tell auntie (caregiver) to turn on the light, then his eyes would move. Beside his eyes, other developments are normal. He has free motion of limbs, good grasp ability, can run and jump, good language and social ability, can say 3-5 word sentences.  He has strong hearing and memory.  Once he touches anything, he will remember where it is. In daily life, he distinguishes things through touching.

The report describes him as “honey-lipped” which we interpret as a “sweet talker”.  For example, when his auntie gives him food, he always says “You first. Thanks for your care.”  This makes his auntie feel very happy.  He can be obstinate sometimes. If he wants cookies and his auntie gives him bread or other things, he can touch and distinguish that it is not what he wants.  Like most toddlers, he will cry and scream until he gets cookies.  He is extroverted, active and talkative. Report dated February 2012.

Updated information received 4/2014:
He is a wonderful boy, developmentally seems to be normal - he loves running, jumping, talking and singing. He loves to play with other children, adults and toys as well as playing on the playground.  He has benefited from the love and care of  foster family since November 2012

Boy 425I-Born Aug 27, 2009- congenital microphthalmia, leukoma
This handsome 4 year old boy is described in a report dated August 2012 as “a little loveable elf”.  While he came into care at about 1 month old, he has benefited from the love and care of a foster family since he was about 2 months old.

His most recent report is dated August 2012.   He brings much happiness and laughter to his foster family. When he wants some thing, he will ask his foster parents directly for it. When his needs are met, he will sweetly say, “Thank you mother.” His foster mother praised him as an obedient happy child who laughs happily. Although his eyes are blind, he can walk freely under the familiar environments and he has a strong sense of safety. He is stubborn, if he is stopped from doing some things. He gets angry when he needs treatments for a cold. When he gets angry, his foster family lets him stay alone for a period of time, then reminds him of the rules or uses other things to transfer his attention.

This little boy is described as outgoing and a little stubborn. He is energetic. He likes to play games and talk. He is interested in things that are new to him. He likes to play blocks and atom toys. In the good weather, his favorite activity is to go for walks and play games outside with his foster family. Reports dated July 2011 and August 2012.

Boy 415E-born July 28, 2009- meningocele, supernumerary finger of left hand, dexiocardia with mirror image the structure, blood flow and functions of other cardiac parts are not seen any obvious abnormality (VIDEO AVAILABLE)
This adorable boy is now 4 years and 9 months old.  The report and information was dated April 23, 2010 when he was just 9 months old.  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that he has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption.  He came into care at just a few days old.

The April 2010 report states: Present physical condition for this child: congenital spine deformity, meningocele, supemumerary finger of left hand, dexiocardia. He has lived here over 8 months and is over 9 months old. The operation for him is in the process of being scheduled. Since admission, he has received touching training. He has progressed quickly with training in all aspects. At the age of 4 months, he could roll over, at the age of 7 months, he could sit, and crawl at 8 months old. Now he is learning to stand up while holding onto handrails with assistance of caregivers. The caregivers nurture him everyday in order to help him grow stronger and lay a good foundation for him. He is interested in music in that he would shake his body on his crib along with music when the music is on. He likes playing musical toys and always studies them and shakes them as if saying I like the music. He is described as a chubby and adorable child. He is extroverted and smiles at strangers when being teased.  His caregivers say that “since his arrival, he has brought a lot of joy for us and is the source of happiness.” Report dated April 23, 2010. 

UPDATE May 2014:
Hand In Hand requested and received an update on this little guy.  Since the last report, he received polydactyly removal surgery on March 28, 2013. He also had his right leg broken and had surgery on February 14, 2013.  He recovered well from the surgery. He is now in the second grade (total 3 grades) of kindergarten.  He can put on and take off his clothes, socks and shoes all by himself. He can understand others’ and teachers’ instructions.  He can speak short sentences. He can dance, sing songs and recite 1-2 children rhymes.  He can walk, run, climb up and down stairs.  His motor skill development is about the same level of other kids of his age in our orphanage.

In the update, much like in his initial report he is described as open and active.  He likes to smile, and he likes to play with other kids.  He gets along well with caregivers too.

Boy 415C-born Jan. 2 2009- bilateral hernia; postoperative right hernia; left hernia is to be treated later on; deformity of congenital thick right thigh, additional sensitive information (please contact the agency for more information)
This active little boy is now 5 years old.  The report and information was dated September 2010 when he was about 16 months old. .  When a child’s report is outdated, we know that he has been waiting for a very long time for a family as these reports are required in order to be considered for adoption He came to the social welfare institute at about 2 days old.  He has had surgery for at least one of his hernias and has undergone some additional medical testing.

At 16 months old he could wave his hands for welcoming, understand the meaning of “No”, grab food in an adult’s hand with his hands, however, he is reasonable in that if a caregiver tells him that the food is for a younger sister and his would be offered later, he would stop grabbing it. In terms of language skills, he could say “dad, mom, no”.  He has good fine motor skills with his hands and could tear paper, pick up things, and he is cooperative when putting on clothes. He could drink water from a cup with both hands holding it. He could put a building block into a cup and he could walk on his own. He could get the things he desires to get and he would also hold a caregiver’s hand in order to be taken out for fun. He understands simple words adults are saying and he was beginning to understand the relations of the people in his surrounding environment. He is described as a very lovely child who is active, outgoing, adorable and has a quick smile. Report Dated September 2010.

Boy 425H-born Mar 2 2007- congenital left tibial pseudoarthrosis
This smiley guy is now 7 years old.  The reports and information are dated June  and August 2013 when he was 6 years old.  He arrived at the institute when he was 2 months old and has been there since.  Despite his limb difference, he took his first steps at 12 months old and could walk quickly on level ground at 3 years old.   Due to his limb difference he has some delays in physical development when compared with the same aged children.

The August 2013 report describes him as outgoing, cute and lovely. In preschool he could write very well and he is loved by the teachers deeply.  From ages 5 to 6 years old he is described as having a normal regular life. He follows the teachers to study numbers and children songs and games. He knows many kinds of animals. He can put on his clothes and shoes. He likes to be clean very much.

This little guy is very energetic and sometimes impatient. He is outgoing. When meeting the strangers, he greets them politely. Reports dated June and August 2013. 

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Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 8036

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a tiny boy in the Philippines who is special to a family who just visited him in the Philippines when they brought home their son in March.  This family's two adopted teenagers have known this little boy most of his life:

"I would like to share about a little boy I met in my older children's orphanage in the Philippines last week, because I'm hoping you will pray and think about who you may know who could parent little C. C is my teenage daughter's little buddy; she tells that she loved to help care for him because he always had the biggest, most cheerful smiles for everyone.  C. is nine, but is only the size of a tiny, thin three-year-old, and doctors do not expect him to grow very big. He has cerebral palsy that so far keeps him from walking, but he is very active, and pulls and crawls around, and he is a busy little boy with a very cute "baby face." He is almost always smiling, and tries very hard to interact with people around him. When we came in to see him, his little face was obviously alive with interest in what was going on, in contrast to his other little roommate, who regarded us solemnly.

C. appears to be trying to talk, but can't make his mouth do what he wants it to do most of the time; his default expression is a smile, but he gapes and makes incoherent sounds when he appears to be trying to respond to people who talk to him. I noticed that he was able to swallow his saliva, and he can swallow food that has been pureed, so he definitely has some level of motor control of his mouth and tongue. His caretakers say he has a few words that they have learned to understand, one of which means "want" when he is requesting something. I asked the nanny if he understood them, and she said "yes" and turned to him and said, "Sit up, C." Without a moment's hesitation, he sat up for her. She picked him up, and he excitedly waved towards us. He is missing one arm from the elbow down; it was amputated shortly after birth because of a bad infection, but his other limbs are intact.

He seems to be a favorite of his caregivers, sweet, interactive, and anxious to be loved. He no doubt has intellectual deficits, based on his medical condition, but based on his understanding of simple commands and his attempts to communicate, I wonder if he is a child who is locked in much like someone who had a stroke. He has PT and OT for his motor skills, and I can't help but wonder if a device for stroke victims, an audio assisted communication device where he can push a button and have it talk for him, might not change his life.

He will need a special family who will see him as the joy and blessing he is. He craves love and attention, and eagerly GIVES love and attention. He seems to be frustrated by his inability to talk at times, and I noticed that after he tried very hard to get some sounds out, he bumped his head back a couple of times against the crib walls. He did not do it hard, but the staff still immediately responded, put a hand behind his head and reassured him, and he stopped, and it struck me as a frustration behavior. His cheerful personality bubbled up again almost immediately, though, and he was back to smiling, waving toward us and maneuvering around. His caretakers just smiled sadly when I said I would try to find him a family. They don't have much hope that someone would want their little C. I would like to see that change."


This is the description of this child from ICAB:

Male, DOB September 25, 2004, Ref. No.: 8036 (10-0153)

The child was abandoned by his birthmother. At three months old, the child was confined in a hospital due to Clinical Sepsis and Pneumonia. At five months old, the child was a gain re-admitted at the hospital due to Seizure Disorder secondary to Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalophaty: Septicemia; T/C Thromboembolic Disorder and S/P Below Elbow Amputation Right Secondary to Septic Embolism. The attending physician offered to foster the child to ensure post operation care and management. The center tried to locate the birthmother but was unsuccessful. However, they were able to locate the child’s birthfather. He expressed willingness to take custody of the child however, he should prove his paternity. The birthfather did not show up again. Based on the child’s developmental assessment dated April 2010, the child is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay functioning in the retarded range, Cerebral Palsy, mixed (Athetoid, Spastic) 2 to Static Encephalophaty, Growth retardation and has feeding problem. At present, the child has a short stature brought by cerebral palsy. He is often confined in his stroller and his activities of daily living are dependent to his caregiver. He only eats osteorized food as he could not tolerate solid substance. He still cannot speak and communicates through gestures. The child attends physical therapy and it is noted that he still has difficulty in standing and kneeling but he is progressively improving in sitting and behaving well during his sessions. With his occupational therapy, his fine motor activities are improving and now show good response in holding things. He joins morning exercises and different activities inside and outside the institution to boost his social skills.

Hand In Hand has a current update on this child's file.  He has not had any seizure activity since entering the institution, and he speaks about five recognizable words, and communicates his needs as well by crying or smiling.  His therapy has been progressing, and he can respond to simple commands, such as "high five." His mobility is improving, and he can sit up, kneel up briefly, and pulls or creeps very actively.  He is noted to be the "apple of the eye" of his caretakers, and his pictures show him sitting in a tiny, toddler wheelchair wearing a big smile. If you might be called to parent this happy, special, little boy, contact Hand In Hand for his full file and pictures, and ask for Child 8036.  Call 260-636-3566 or e-mail

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Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Children

These are children that Hand In Hand has full files on.  Some may be on the shared list as well, so please contact Vickie at to inquire about their current availability, full file and pictures.

Female, DOB June 19, 2002, Ref. No.: 9491 (13-0381)
The child is described as an affectionate and loving child. She easily smiles when talked to or played with. She can pronounce two syllable words. She can imitate words and understand simple instructions (e.g. “get your toy” and “come here”). The child was assessed to have Global Developmental Delay and Cerebral Palsy, spastic diplegic type. She attends physiotherapy exercises to improve the stiffness of her legs. She can follow instructions when told to “flatten her feet”, “keep body straight”, etc. She can sit, crawl on her arms and stomach. Stand on tiptoe/flat feet holding on the crib rail. At one day old, the child was brought to the hospital by her birthmother due to neonatal sepsis. After two days, the birthmother left the child at the hospital. Efforts were exerted to locate the birthmother but yielded negative results. 
The children's full file shows that this child is affectionate, loves interacting with her caregivers, but is shy with strangers.  She can stand while holding on to things, and says a number of words to communicate her needs. This cute little girl is obviously is not camera shy! She needs a family who can help her continue to develop.

A: Female, DOB 12/1/2004, Ref. No. 9102 (12-0391)B: Female, DOB 4/9/2007, Ref. No. 9103 (12-0392)The birthmother surrendered them for adoption as she admitted her incapability to support them (Sensitive family history; contact Hand In Hand for more information.) According to the birthmother,  the two girls were physically abused, …and she executed the Deed of Voluntary Commitment on May 29, 2012. Child A is reading independently. She has difficulty answering some more abstract questions such as “why” questions. She can add and subtract one and two digit numbers. She sometimes cries if she cannot answer a question. It can take her a few minutes to stop. Child B is good with letters and writes them all from memory. She is into blending sounds. She is the best in the class at writing and is learning to add and subtract one digit numbers in Math. She sometimes gives up easily when she encounters difficulties and need lots of encouragement to proceed. She behaves well in the class and has good friends. 

Male, DOB August 18, 2010, Ref. No. : 9218 (13-0108) Child was abandoned by his birthmother at the hospital after giving birth. Child was delivered premature and was left in the hospital for further medical intervention when his birthmother was discharged. After 5 days, the birthmother visited the child once at the hospital and did not return nor communicate. After his medications, child was referred to child caring agency for proper case management. Child was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, spastic cerebral palsy and quadriplegic and “pesplanus” or flat foot. He has normal reach, grasp and release. He can hold his bottle, spoon and toothbrush. He can unbutton and remove his clothes. He can walk, run at slow pace, and can climb on his crib, small tables and chairs. He can ride himself in a toy car and rocking horse. He points his fingers to the television and to the directions he likes to go. He can dance to the tune of “barney” and “twinkle, twinkle,” and other nursery rhymes. He responds to own name and smile when the caregiver approaches him. He reponds to peek-a-boo and can utter “bye, mama, baba, ate (sister) and yaw (don’t like). He waves his hands bye-bye.

Male, DOB January 11, 2011, Ref. No. 9051 (12-0340)
The child enjoys singing the alphabet and nursery rhymes but has difficulty pronouncing the words. He can understand simple instructions in English as well as in Cebuano. He can feed himself with the use of a spoon and fork with little spillage. He is staying with a foster family and he enjoys the attention given to him. He always wears a smile and likes to sing to his foster family. He also enjoys playing with other children his age. At 2 years old, the child was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. The child also exhibited symptoms such as qualitative impairment in the social interaction and communication as well as pervasiveness in his behavior and interest which are suggestive of Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The child attends therapy sessions focusing on sensory integration techniques, gross and fine motor activities and table top activities to develop attention and concentration span. When the birthmother gave birth to the child, unusual behavioral was noted on the birthmother. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. Medication was provided to the birthmother however she did not comply. The maternal grandmother decided to voluntarily surrender the child for adoption as they could not provide the needs of the child.

A: Female, DOB October 1, 1996, Ref # 8573
B: Male, DOB October 1, 2004, Ref # 8574
C: Male, DOB October 1, 2002, Ref # 8575
The children were declared legally available for adoption. Their birthfather died in 2006 and left their birthmother to raise her children. The birthmother looked for the relatives of the birthfather to sought assistance. However, she was not able to locate them. She left her children to a certain lady and promised to get the custody of her children once she finds a job. However, the birthmother did not return and the case of the children was reported to the authorities. The children were placed in the institution for proper care and case management.

A is a girl that always has a smile on her face. She likes to dress in comfortable clothes. She is being taught on how to dress appropriately for her age. She related well with the other children in the center. She expresses herself through writing and talking to her friends. She is diligent in performing her tasks and is helpful to others. She is observed to be loving and caring to her siblings. The child is assessed to have low level intellectual capacity and has very low self esteem. She is currently enrolled in the home program to have individualized teaching. She is also exposed to different activities to increase her self esteem. She aspires to become a teacher someday.

B is an active child. He is assessed to have very short attention span and is hyperactive which makes him more out of focus. He is also observed to have low self esteem. He is now a Grade 1 pupil and his teacher reports that understand his lessons and follows simple instructions. He however gets distracted easily. He participates in the Filipino Martial Arts training where he is a yellow belt holder. His instructor shares that he has good attitude and behavior. He has the potential to become a good master. He wants to become a soldier in the future.

C is described as a jolly and friendly child. He likes to be cuddled and embraced. He is a grade pupil. He can identify the alphabet and pronounce it well. He likes playing with cars and trains. He is a fan of Spiderman, Batman and Ben 10. Based from his psychological report, he has delays on his socio-emotional and communication scale and is below his expected cognitive performance. He is engaged in different activities to develop his interpersonal skills and joins the daily tutorial to help him with his lessons. He dreams of being a soldier someday.

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 9586

Today's waiting child spotlight is on a little boy in the Philippines. This child is on the shared list, so contact Vickie at for current information about his availability.

Male, DOB July 29, 2010, Ref. No.: 9586 (13-0476)
The child enjoys listening to stories and watching Barney. He can identify his body parts as well as animals. He can follow instructions. He can feed himself using a spoon and fork with spillage and is noted to have a good appetite. He is toilet trained but at times bed wets during the night. He is affectionate and enjoys giving hugs and kisses to his caregivers.  The child was assessed to have Global Developmental Delay. His speech and language evaluation showed severe language delays secondary to Global Developmental Delay. A home program focusing on Receptive and Expressive Language and Articulation was provided to the child. It was reported that he can utter and identify common objects found at home (e.g. spoon, plate, glass, and fork) and its use. The birthparents of the child had difficulty proving the medical needs of the child. They sought the assistance of a child caring agency and placed the child for temporary placement. The birthparents had difficulty establishing a secure source of income, thus, they decided to surrender the child for adoption.
Hand In Hand has the full file on this little boy, and it includes many more details about his continued development.  He is making good progress in his motor skills, and his speech skills are developing with speech therapy.  He likes to listen when people read out loud to him, and will browse through books on his own.  He is very affectionate with the adults he knows, but is shy of strangers until he gets to know them.  This cute little guy needs a family who will help him continue the excellent progress that he has made so far.
Contact Vickie at for more information about this child and other waiting children.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Waiting Children June 2014

Please take the time to share the newest list of waiting children! 
New children on the list are added to the end of their age section.

This little girl waits in China.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 9687

Hand In Hand is advocating for a little boy who is just over a year old.  Please note that the developmental details in his report are from November 19, 2013, when he was only 8 months old.  It was noted in the 5-7 month report that he could not roll over or crawl, but he was pushing up on his arms and making crawling motions. In the 8-month picture, he is sitting up and is obviously interested in the camera! He was also noted to laugh when tickled and to enjoy attention.

There is some sensitive family background information that parents will need to be comfortable with.  His official report summary is as follows:

Ref. No. : 9687 (14-0078)
Male, DOB:  March 12, 2013

The birthmother and the child were referred to DSWD for proper intervention.... Upon giving birth, birthmother decided to surrender the child for adoption and admitted her incapability to parent the child....
Child was diagnosed with Gross Motor Delay, Spastic, Dystonic and Cotical Thumb [probably cortical thumb, tucking of the thumb into the hand, which may be indicative of developmental problems associated with cerbral palsy, but is not conclusively studied]. He had his Plain Cranial CT Scan and 2D Echo which revealed normal. At 4 month old, he started his physical therapy through “Roll Over-Quaddruped position, play therapy and ball exercise” twice a week. He is currently 1 year and 2 months old. He only cries when he is hungry and uncomfortable in bed. He is fond to smile but he can focus to any dark colors by following the movements. He could hear loud voices or sounds by body jerking. When fed with his milk, he slowly sucks it and could finish eventually. He responds when tickled. He loves to sleep on prone position and he thumb suck when he is about to sleep.

For his full file and picture, contact Vickie at or 260-636-3566.