Monday, April 11, 2016

Last call for 2016 Philippines Summer Hosting Program

Hand In Hand has a list of over 50 children waiting to join the Philippines summer hosting program. Interested families need to contact Hand In Hand right away to get into this year's program as the deadline is approaching to get the children's passports processed in time to travel. Contact Hand In Hand at for the full list of children.

A, hosted 2013, with his little brother.
C, hosted 2011, with her 4-H dog.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Waiting Child Spotlight: Filipino Hosting Program Candidates

We are currently accepting families who would like to participate in our summer hosting program for older children from the Philippines. If you would like to host a child with intent to explore adoption, please contact Vickie Truelove at 260-636-3566 or In the meanwhile, check out the info on our first two waiting children below! 

Filipino Girl, Ref. No. : 10343 (15-0291) 
DOB October 27, 2013
This  kind and responsible twelve year old girl was seven  years old when she was declared legally available for adoption. Her caretakers report that she is sweet and maintains good relationship with other children and staff in the center. She is physically healthy and intelligent, and understands the rules and daily routine of the home. She is responsible in carrying out her scheduled tasks and chores in the center. She understands the rules and regulations and daily routine of the home. This sweet child is also observed to be caring towards younger children. Her report indicates a shy personality that has blossomed with social activities, especially her participation in an excellent choir.

Her caretakers were also quick to add that she is happy and excited at the idea of having a  family! 

Filipino Boy, Ref. No. 10309 (15-0257)
DOB: May 7, 2006
This child is currently 10 years old. He enjoys many of the typical middle school activities in including playing with Legos, reading and  interacting with other kids. He is enrolled currently in a public elementary school. He is an average student but needs assistance to improve in comprehension. (Note that speech therapy will readily assist).The child is afraid of the dark and does not want to be left alone in a dark room. He takes care of his personal hygiene independently. He has the initiative to help the caregivers in the household chores and follows the rules in the center,and also participates in extra-curricular activities conducted in school and at the center.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Waiting Child Spotlight: Filipino Sibling Set of Two 118 (16-0004) and 118 (16-0005)

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a set of brothers, ages 9 and 8 years. L., the older brother, is a shy and introverted child who nevertheless is a bundle of energy! While he very much enjoys typical children's activities, he prefers to play alone. L. is a healthy child. A developmental evaluation indicated that he is slightly behind his developmental milestones for his age and has some difficulties with spatial skills and direction terms, both of which have the capacity for complete improvement with speech therapy.W hile L. has exhibited adjustment difficulties to life in his community, he has grown attached to his caretakers and has shown improvement with wise guidance.

M., the younger brother, is a sweet child who is noted to be exceptionally dutiful for a normal little boy! He is cheerful, eager to please, and performs his chores regularly without reminders. He is the more social of the brothers.

Both siblings have experienced difficulties previous to their entrance into their current living situation. They are ready and waiting for parents who are ready to give wise guidance and care.

Contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3566

[Sensitive family background, contact Hand in Hand for more information]

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Waiting Child Spotlight! Filipino Girl

Child M. is a sweet seven year old Filipino girl who is interactive and friendly. M. has a history of fine and gross motor skills difficulties, and currently functions well in a wheel-chair, although she has some independent walking mobility. She has been observed to be giggly, friendly, and social with other children. She receives occupational and physical therapy and will continue to need these services, however, she has made good progress and is able to ascend and descend stairs. Her caretakers still assist her with activities of daily living such as eating and bathing.

She was noted to have impaired hearing in her first year of life, and will likely need further testing to evaluate which option for hearing assistance is best for her. She was noted to be developmentally delayed, and will also need evaluation for this; however it should be noted that hearing difficulties often delay speech and that speech therapy can compensate for this in many cases.

M's caretakers have emphasized her continuous physical progress, and with occupational, speech and physical therapy she will thrive in a loving family.

Contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Waiting Child Spotlight: Filipino Boy 10272, DOB Jan 5, 2011

J. is a wonderful little boy who will thrive with extra care and guidance from experienced parents. He has a complex congenital heart disease which tires this happy, go-getter child out.  His caregivers have described him as having a good sense of humor, and strong-willed with a sense of anxiety about having his needs met. While he talks in sentences and expresses needs, he may have some speech/language delays that could be addressed with therapy. 

J. is interested in typical childhood activities such as drawing, playing hide-and-seek, and mingling with other children throughout the day.  J. has shown to be willing to form attachments to father and mother figures and has expressed his desire for parents when he sees other children being adopted. 

Full medical history and background information are available from Hand in Hand. If you wish to speak to families who have already adopted children with heart defects, please contact Hand In Hand. More about heart defects can be found here: Heart Defects 

Contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3566

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Girl 9869

Female age 9, DOB 11/17/06

N. is a loving and cheerful child in need of a loving family open to providing attentive guidance. She has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder yet is continuously making strides in improving her cognitive and developmental skills. It is noted that N. is open to doing chores with loving adult guidance, and has exhibited openness to adoption and the idea of a family.  She asks questions in school and at home, asks for permission when appropriate, and calls her classmates and friends by name. One of her favorite activities is group singing, and she has participating in music and arts therapy to continue to strengthen her language and developmental skills. N. has an abnormal EEG which indicates a seizure disorder. She is currently doing well with seizure medication.

N. attends a special needs school and has been noted to have made consistent improvement while exhibiting a cheerful and positive attitude. She is in need of a family that can give her strong individualized attention, which she is not currently able to receive in her orphanage. With this attention, she is expected to continue to improve and thrive.

For more information contact Vickie Truelove at: or 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a sibling set of two from the Philippines. 

Female: December 18, 2004, & Male, September 29, 2009
Reference Numbers 10303-10304
These two active, cheerful children will thrive with experienced parents.
 M. (12) is a cheerful, active and conscientious female child who is neat and clean. She wants to be a doctor or scientist so that she can help people when she grows up.  M. has experienced trust and security difficulties that have steadily improved with good care and counseling. She responds to loving attention. She participates in ballet with a focus on dance therapy. M. has often expressed her deep desire for a family and how she waits for her turn whenever other children are adopted. 

R. (6) is an active, affectionate, cheerful child who loves to talk. He enjoys swimming, reading, and his caregivers note that he has a good sense of humor and enjoys telling jokes that make others laugh. He loves animals and is very gentle with them. 

Contact Vickie Truelove for more information: or 
[Sensitive family background, contact Hand in Hand for more information]