Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! China Boy 620A

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a toddler boy waiting in China. This little boy is not even two years old yet! Contact Hand In Hand for more information: or 260-636-3566.

Boy 620A DOB: Nov.12, 2013 
This bundle of cuteness and smiles is a precious 19 month old boy. He has complex congenital heart defects and had surgery in August 2014. He recovered well. He is described as shy (though you can’t tell by the smile in his photo) and is delayed developmentally compared to children his age. At 13 months old he required assistance with sitting and standing. He can call out “mom” and “aunt”, though unclearly. He enjoys the quiet and likes to listen to music. His care givers hope that he will find a happy family where he can come to thrive. Report Dated: December 1, 2014

If you wish to speak to families who have already adopted children with heart defects, please contact Hand In Hand. More about heart defects can be found here: Heart Defects

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 9700

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a little boy waiting in the Philippines. Hand In Hand has his full files and pictures available. His full report describes him as quiet and observant, attached to his caregivers, compliant, and active.

For more information contact Vickie at or 260-636-3566.

Male: Sept. 1, 2011, Reference Number 9700 (14-0091)
[Sensitive family background history; contact Hand In Hand for more information.] Based on the clinical abstract dated October 10, 2011, the birthmother was diagnosed to have bipolar affective disorder, current episodes of manic depressive with psychotic symptoms.
Child was 18 months old when he started to walk. In May 2014, he was seen by a developmental paediatrician who diagnosed him to have global developmental delays. He has abnormal EEG and this finding is reported to be suggestive of an underlying “seizure disorder.” Further evaluation by a neurologist was recommended to rule out seizure disorder. He had cranial MRI in November 2014 and the result shows “no focal parenchymal signal abnormality. Elongated anteroposterior dimension of cranial vault. This is of no clinical significance but frequently a consequence of premature closure of sagittal closure.” 

Child can speak of two (2) or three (3) words like isa pa (one more); saan na tali (where’s the string); eto pa (here’s more). Most of the time, he will clearly say single words like hindi (no); ate (to refer to older women or caregiver), tapon (throw), tanggal (remove). He can identify each of the 12 children in his dormitory, however, he cannot clearly say their names. He mispronounces /s/ for /t/, for example bata for basa (wet). He can count 1 to 3 without difficulty and need reminders when counting up to ten (10).

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Sibling Set of Five 10114

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a sibling group of five. Hand In Hand has a full report and pictures available regarding this sibling group. They show marked improvement in their relationship and schooling with the consistent care they are now receiving.  Hand In Hand families who have adopted older children and larger sibling sets are happy to talk to prospective parents about their experiences. Contact Vickie at or 260-636-3566 for more information.

Child A: Female, DOB June 21, 2001, Ref. No.  10114 (15-0062)  
Child B: Male DOB May 21, 2002, Ref. No.  10115 (15-0063)    
Child C: Male, DOB November 10, 2007, Ref. No.  10116 (15-0064) 
Child D: Male, DOB September 9, 2009, Ref. No. 10117 (15-0065) 
Child E: Female, DOB June 9, 2010, Ref. No. 10118 (15-0066) 

Sometime in September 2012, the children’s case was referred to the institution by the local social welfare office in B. through the initiative of a concerned citizen. The children’s mother left the children in December 2011...and her whereabouts remain unknown. The children experienced neglect since their father could not provide for their daily needs as he was suffering from illness. The children’s father died in February 2012 due to hypertension (based on the death certificate). Identified relatives were not willing to take custody on the children due to financial difficulties thus the children were referred to the institution for proper case management and have been declared legally available for adoption on December 23, 2014.

Child A- Child A is healthy, active and developing into a young lady. She is able to maintain proper hygiene. She enjoys attending the ballet classes once a week. Last year, she was recommended for remedial home schooling classes with an American volunteer at the center focused on language and math. Her reading has improved and she is able to read with ease. She can spell words by sounding out the letters. Her math skill is higher than her language skills. The child has a soft and gentle personality. She is shy and quite introverted. She is not spontaneously affectionate but responsive to the affection given by her caregiver. The psychological evaluation showed borderline line range. Results of the projective tests show her to have adequate emotional stability as well as a willingness to adjust to the demands made of her. She can adapt well to the changes within her environment and she is open to the idea of adoption.

Child B – Child B is healthy and active. He can do self help task. He plays basketball and other sports. He is attending grade II at a local public elementary school. He was elected as a class president. His grades are good and he is always top of the class or second. He is described as an enthusiastic young man who thrives in a competitive environment. He tends to speak bad words when he has been insulted or wronged. He is being taught to think first before he speaks and to also give time for the other person to express themselves. He is learning and showing desire to be in good relationship with his friends and roommates. He has an outgoing personality and is seldom shy. He is comfortable and respectful with adults. He is functioning within the average level of intelligence. The projective tests showed an intense need for stability in his life. He responds warmly to any sign of attention and affection coming from the people around him.

Child C – Child C is healthy, active and playful. He is able to maintain proper hygiene on his own. He is attending as grade 1 at a local public elementary school. He loves school. He can read and is very good in Math. He has a lisp when he says “s” but good pronunciation and being modeled by his caregivers. He is affectionate to his primary caregivers and adults close to him. He has an average level of intelligence. He shows good reasoning ability and is decisive when given specific situations that require action on his part. He has a friendly nature and is excited over the possibility of having adoptive parents who will love and take of him and his siblings.

Child D- Child D is healthy, loves to run and play at the park and climb on the monkey bars. He can copy triangles and other geometric patterns. He can draw a person with a body and print many letters. He can listen to a story and respond to questions correctly when asked. He can count up to 40, knows all the colors and knows about things used every day in the home. The child enjoys singing, coloring and playing house of superheroes. He particularly loves to sing songs from devotions. The child has average level of intelligence. His visual motor coordination is very good and he can work very well under time pressure. He is warmly responsive in nature and seeks approval, eager for acceptance and affection from those who are close to him.

Child E- Child is healthy and active however has struggled with allergies that cause her to have recurrent rhinitis. She is able to dress and undress herself, brushes her teeth and is toilet trained. She attends pre-school every day for two hours conducted in the center. She can count up to 39 and can identify colors. She can write her name and listen to story and answer questions. She is obedient and can follow simple instructions. She is affectionate to her caregivers.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! A Hand In Hand family advocates for Boy 10094

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a boy who was visited by a Hand In Hand family when they went to bring home their daughter in 2014.  They write the following about him:
"Gen says he is funny and likes to tell jokes. He loves sports and is always playing any sport he can, and he is friendly with all the kids. She is excited about helping him find his forever family.
"When we met him, he and Chad had a lively debate about NBA basketball. At one point, he stole may heart by leaning against me for a side hug and said, 'Mame, I can't wait til my parents come go fetch me.'
"The orphanage is very nice, clean and specious with a large yard for the kids to play. The ratio of adults to kids is almost 1 to 1."

Here is his short summary from the Philippines, but his full file and pictures are available for interested parents. He would most likely do best in a family with experienced parents who will continue the progress he has made.

Male, DOB September 5, 2004, Ref. No. : 10094 (15-0042) The child’s mother and maternal grandmother sought the assistance of MTS for temporary shelter and assistance through the help of the…Priest Missionary. The child was surrendered by her mother on the same day she gave birth to the child due to her inability to provide for his needs. She signed the Deed of Voluntary Commitment as proof of her decision to surrender her child for adoption. The child is cared by the sisters assigned in MTS. He is nurtured and properly cared by the caregivers. The child likes to play and enjoys attention from others. He relates well with other children in the center but there are instances that he has arguments with them which resulted in punching with them. He was brought to a clinical psychologist to undergo psychological evaluation and manage his anger in a positive way. He is now attending grade IV in B. Elementary School. His teacher always commented that he does not participates in class and do not do his assignments. He was counseled about his deeds in school. He can do simple household chores in the center like washing the dishes and cleaning their room every weekend. He welcomes the possibility of being adopted someday. Psychological evaluation shows average level of intelligence.

For more information, contact Vickie at or call 260-636-3566.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Sibling Group of Four

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a sibling group of four waiting in the Philippines. Hand In Hand has the full files and pictures of these children, and is seeking a family ready to step forward immediately to help bring them home. The report shows children who have progressed well under the care of the orphanage. They will need experienced parents to help continue the progress they are making socially and academically. For more information contact Vickie at

 A Hand In Hand family with kids from three countries!

Here is their official summary from the Philippines:

Child A: Male, DOB October 16, 2002, Ref. No. 10177 (15-0125)
Child B: Female, DOB October 11, 2004, Ref. No. 10178 (15-0126)
Child C: Male, DOB March 24, 2008, Ref. No. 10179 (15-0127)
Child D: Male, DOB December 29, 2009, Ref. No. 10180 (15-0128)

The children are half-orphans. The birthmother passed away on November 6, 2011. [Sensitive background; contact Hand In Hand for more information.] The birthfather’s current whereabouts remain unknown. The children are currently under the custody of the child caring agency for proper case management.

Child A is responsible, active and healthy. He is homeschooled and shows development in academics. He is able to express his thoughts, feelings and needs without difficulty. The Psychological Evaluation Report indicated that child A can easily comprehend various phenomena around him. He sees himself as the protector of his siblings. He feels that he has the responsibility to take care of them.

Child B enjoys outdoor activities, dancing, running games and sporting events. She is sweet, affectionate, sociable and friendly. She is homeschooled and capable of reading simple words and sentences but struggles in mastering academic concepts. She underwent neurodevelopmental assessment and the result indicated that she is within age-expected levels of cognitive functioning but relatively struggles with language-based skills. These deficits maybe attributed to a borderline or mild intellectual disability. She also underwent Psychological Evaluation and results showed that she has difficulties dealing with inferring underlying concepts that she encounters. She also struggles in coming up with correct solutions from moderate to complex solutions although may be capable of it. She underwent individual counseling sessions.

 Child C enjoys running and flying kites. He is observed to be playful and often teases other children in the center. He can express his opinions and motivated to share about the things that excite him. He needs minimal assistance in accomplishing tasks. His math, reading and writing skills has improved. The Psychological Evaluation Report indicated that Child C belongs to above average level of cognitive functioning that enables him to handle daily obstacles in life. Child D loves flying kites, playing hula-hoop and outdoor games. He is a quick learner and has improved in mastering reading and writing skills.

Child D has difficulty following the rules of the pre-school teacher during class hours. He would often be sent home from the school due to misbehaviors. He sometimes threw tantrums but would easily be pacified after a while. The Psychological Evaluation Report indicated that Child D shows moderate understanding of abstract concepts. He is also likely to resolve problems he encounters and capable of originating effective solutions. The siblings have a close relationship among each other.

Child A is protective of his younger siblings and would often be involved and supportive with them. Child B often seeks support and guidance to Child A. Child C and D are constant playmates and are very close to each other and would ask their older sister and brother when they need help.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Special Home Find Children Waiting in the Philippines

New Special Home Find Children July 2015

Please help us to advocate for the newest children added to the Special Home Find List in the Philippines! Share this post with your Facebook friends. For more information please contact Vickie Truelove at or your local Hand In Hand office.

The list includes:

A 9 year old girl (10207) who is very bright and enjoys spending time with adults.  She sometimes lacks confidence in starting conversations, but participates in class and shares her ideas.

A sibling group of 3 (10185, 10186, 10187) which includes:
A sister (14 years old) who is described as healthy and active.  She helps care for her younger siblings.  She needs a family to help her with school.
A sister (11 years old) who is also described as healthy and active.  She gets along well with other children and adults.  She needs extra help with reading and writing.
A brother (10 years old) who is affectionate and enjoys playing with other children.

A 13 month old boy (10155) who was born premature.  This cute little guy is diagnosed with global developmental delay and needs a family who is able to provide him with the therapies and medical care he needs to reach his full potential.  He can roll over but not yet sit, hold his bottle or hold his head well.  He has a good appetite and smiles at his caregivers.

A sibling group of 2 (10183, 10184) which includes:
A sister (14 years old) who is a hardworking student and completes her tasks and chores efficiently. 
A brother (7 years old) who is respectful, confident, and affectionate. 
The siblings are affectionate with each other and enjoy spending time together.

A sibling group of 4 (10177, 10178, 10179, 10180) which includes:
A brother (12 years old) who is the oldest of the four.  He is improving in school and can express his thoughts and feelings easily.  He sees himself as the protector of his younger siblings.
A sister (10 years old) who is described as sweet, affectionate, sociable, and friendly.  She likes outdoor activities, dancing, and running.  She needs a family to help her with school, especially with language based skills.
A brother (7 years old) who likes running and flying kites.  He is playful and enjoys sharing about things that excite him. 
A brother (5 years old) who is a quick learner.  He likes playing hula-hoop and flying kites. 
The oldest brother is supportive and protective of his siblings.  The sister looks to him for support and guidance.  The younger brothers are constant playmates.

A sibling group of 3 (10191, 10192, 10193) which includes:
A sister (13 years old) who is inquisitive and expressive.  She is a good student.
A sister (10 years old) who is friendly and enjoys playing with other children.  She teaches the younger children how to draw and fix puzzles.
A brother (8 years old) who enjoys swimming and soccer.  He is a good student and relates well with other children.

A 5 year old boy (10080) who is playful and likes to be around children his age.  He struggles with expressive language and is delayed in his socio-emotional development.  He is underweight and eating a diet to help.  He needs a family that can provide a structured environment that is consistent, predictable, and routine.

A 9 year old girl (10161) who is playful, sociable, and talkative.  She enjoys singing, dancing, and swimming.  She excels in science, music, arts, physical education, and Filipino.

A 4 year old boy (9700).  Please note that no birth date is listed on the Special Home Find list summary for this little guy, though we believe he may be 4 years old.  His case study, if requested, will include his age.  He needs a family who will provide him the love and care he needs to reach his full potential.  He is diagnosed with global developmental delay.  He can speak 2 or 3 word sentences and can count to 10 with help.

A 5 year old girl (10190) who is very bright.  She has had a very difficult start in life.  She is healthy and expresses her feelings well.  She is quick to respond to questions.  She needs a family who will help her learn to cope with her defiant behavior both in school and at home. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Waiting Child Spotlight! China Boy 510D

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a little boy waiting in China who likely would make a great big brother! 

Boy 510D –DOB 8/19/2007 PHOTO and INFO UPDATED JUNE 2015
This little boy is full of personality. He is described as happy and fun. He shows concern for other children when they are hurt and enjoys making his caregivers laugh. He is diagnosed with postoperative repair of congenital bilateral complete cleft lip and palate. His report is dated (2011) but his photo is a bit newer (2013). We would love to see this sweet little guy with a family of his own.

Report dated September 2011

Update (June 2015):
The newest update on this darling little guy describes him as very gentle and well behaved. He has excellent self-care ability. He can speak very well but is less clear when he speaks very long sentences. His mental development is a little bit delayed. He gets along very well with others. He is helpful and takes good care of younger kids. He teaches them to sing, dance and draw. He loves playing games with them. He can draw and write numbers. He likes picture book and knows many kinds of animals, characters and plants. The update states, “He is very healthy and strong just like normal kid.”

For more information, contact Vickie at