Thursday, October 23, 2014

Resources available for Boy 1014-7 waiting in China

We are thrilled to share that a wonderful family who adopted 3 children with a condition similar to this little one's has come forward and would be happy to share their experiences with interested families. They are advocating for this sweet boy and are willing to connect families to available resources.

You can visit their blogs at:
Boy 5 years (1014-7) – This sweet little boy has an outgoing personality. He has large pigmented nevi (black spots) covering much of his body as well as a neurofibroma on his hip. He appears to be developmentally on target with his fellow mates. He enjoys singing, games, and playing with toys.
Report dated April 2013
UPDATE report dated May 2014:
This little guy's update reports that he is active and outgoing. He likes to talk with people he knows and enjoys cuddling with his caretaker. He especially likes playing outside and building blocks. He is healthy and developing normally. His neurofibroma is not growing larger and does not cause him any pain.

For information about adopting this child, contact Vickie at

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Special Focus Children Waiting in China

Hand In Hand International Adoption
 Special Focus Waiting Children

For more information on how to adopt one of these waiting children please contact your local Hand In Hand office or Vickie Truelove at For your reference, medical terms below are linked to online resources explaining those conditions.

Boy 8 years (1014-2) - This very handsome boy is described as extroverted, smart, and active.  He is diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome. His language comprehension is better than his expressive language. After related rehabilitation he has learned to walk alone without a walker, take on/off his clothes, have meals and go to the toilet without help. He helps other kids in daily activities.  He likes school taking part in every theme.  His teachers praise him. He enjoys participating in group games. He performs in many programs with other kids.  His performance in the puppet shows makes other children laugh.
Report dated May 2013

Boy 4 years (1014-3) – This alternately smiley and serious little guy has benefited from the love and care of a foster family for three years.  He is loved by all of his foster family members and has shown good progress in all areas of development.  He has been diagnosed with postoperative anal atresia.  He eats a variety of foods and enjoys being outside.
Report dated March 2012

Boy 9 years (1014-4) – This adorable boy is described as active, outgoing and full of sunshine.  He is diagnosed with thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count).  His condition is controlled with nutrition and medication.  In primary school, he respects teachers, unites classmates, carefully studies, can finish all kinds of tasks arranged by teachers, and clean the classroom. He is an A student in all courses but likes math best. All of his classmates like him very much because he helps other children. He is open to and interested in new foods.  Every time he receives new snacks, he asks his caregiver what it is and how to eat it.  He is close to aunts (caregivers).  He welcomes the aunt at the gate when she arrives and  after work when aunt is leaving, he will wave hands, and calling, “Don't go yet, pay attention to safety in road, and etc.”  He likes outdoor activity, such as flying kites, picking flowers, etc.
Report dated December 2012

Boy 4 years (1014-5) – We smile when we see this little guy’s photos because he is so cute.  He is described as a diligent and studious little boy who likes going to class, listening to the teacher tell stories, playing games with other children, and singing songs and clapping along. He has binocular amblyopia and esotropia (crossed eyes condition).  He enjoys climbing in the recreation room, stacking blocks and listening to music.
Report dated March 2014

Girl 4 years (1014-6) – This precious little girl is described as lively, smart, and loving toward others.  She has malformed auricles (ears) and a malformed jaw accompanied by hearing and language deficits and developmental.  She loves to laugh, likes to make acquaintances hold and play with her, and likes outdoor activities.  She needs a family to love her unconditionally and help her reach her potential.
Report dated June 2013

Boy 5 years (1014-7) – This sweet little boy has an outgoing personality.  He has large pigmented nevi (black spots) covering much of his body as well as a neurofibroma on his hip.  He appears to be developmentally on target with his fellow mates.  He enjoys singing, games, and playing with toys.
Report dated April 2013 *A Hand In Hand family with experience adopting children with this need is willing to talk to families about their experiences.*

Boy 3 years (1014-8) – This little one’s cute smile will captivate you! (We think we might detect a little mischief in that smile).  He is described as a smart and handsome boy. His diagnosis is of a sensitive nature, please contact Hand In Hand for more information. He is very lovable and interacts well with his caregivers. Report dated September 2010

Boy 4 years (1014-9) – This little guy’s smile can lift your heart! He likes music, watching cartoons on television, helping the caretakers, and playing with toys.  His diagnosis is of a sensitive nature, please contact Hand In Hand for more information. His development appears normal in all areas.
Report dated October 2013

Girl 2 years (1014-10) – This lovely girl has the cutest “Cupid’s Bow” smile.  While it’s not always easy to get that smile, her caregivers know how to tease it out of her.  This little one has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and post-operative congenital heart defect.  She interacts with her caregivers by reaching out to grab if she sees they have something in their hand. When she is crying, she stops and looks when called. She grabs her caregivers’ hands and will not let go.  Her caretakers’ greatest wish for her (and our wish too!) is that she will get a family who will care for her, love her, and make her happy. Report dated May 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

New Special Home Find Children in the Philippines

Please share and help us find families for these wonderful children!! They are waiting in the Philippines. These children could possibly be hosted in the 2015 Philippines Summer Hosting Program. 

Contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3566 for more information.

The newest list of waiting children (called the Special Home Find List) from the Inter-country Adoption Board in the Philippines includes:

Boy 3 years (9860)- He is an active, social, happy boy. He needs a family to help him work on his language skills and other developmental challenges.

Girl 13 years (9796)-She is affectionate and quiet. She enjoys fashion and styling her hair. Music, singing, and dancing are some of her other favorite activities.

Twin sisters 13 years (9904, 9905)-One sister is active and enjoys sports and music. She excels at school and does especially well in reading and writing. She hopes to be a teacher some day. The second sister is a graceful dancer and enjoys spending time outside. She is interested in meeting new people and can be quiet at first.

Sibling group of 3-Sister 16 years, Brother 11 years, and Sister 9 years (9890,9891,9892)- The older sister enjoys music, art, and physical education classes at school. She likes to play volleyball and badminton. She dreams of becoming a chef. The younger sister is a friendly girl who establishes rapport with people easily. She has an excellent memory and is well behaved. The brother enjoys playing basketball. He is a cheerful, sensitive boy who readily helps others. He needs a family who will provide him positive assurance when he’s faced with difficult tasks.

Girl 14 years (9902)- She is a happy, confident girl. She is focused on her studies and has good grades at school. Her favorite subjects are math, science, and English.

Girl 1 year (9903) – She is a darling baby girl who loves to be played with and talked to. She was born without legs and arms and needs a family dedicated to her special care and helping her reach her full potential. She can roll over, eats well, and likes her caregivers to pat her back as she falls asleep at night.

Sister 9 years and Brother 7 years (9884, 9885) – The sister enjoys school, especially math. She is an active girl. The brother likes to play with his friends. He enjoys looking at book and learning new words in English. These siblings have a good relationship with each other.

Sibling group of 5 – Brother 15 years, Sister 12 years, Brother 10 years, Brother 9 years, and Brother 6 years (9829, 9830,9831,9832,9833) – The oldest brother is playful and happy. He helps his younger siblings. He enjoys playing basketball and soccer, art, music and reading. The sister is an outgoing, friendly, playful, and bright girl. She participates in the cultural dance programs and likes swimming. The 10 year old brother enjoys playing outdoor games with his siblings and friends. He helps with chores around the institution. The 9 year old brother likes attending outreach activities and likes giving and receiving gifts. He enjoys dancing and is also an altar boy at church. The 6 year old brother is an energetic, friendly, and shy boy. He is learning basic dance steps and attends Grade 1 in school.

Girl 15 years (9836) – She gets along well with the other children in the institution. She attends public school and participates in the center activities.

Boy 10 years (9866) – He is an affectionate, active, and cheerful boy. He is comfortable relating to others and is respectful. He is good at communicating his feelings.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Waiting Child Spotlight! Children in the Philippines

Today's waiting child spotlight is on a number of children on the Special Home Find list for the Philippines. Hand In Hand has full files on these children, including medical information and pictures. Contact Vickie at to find out the current status of these children and to see the full files. Short summaries are below. 

A: Female, DOB 12/1/2004, Ref. No. 9102 (12-0391)B: Female, DOB 4/9/2007, Ref. No. 9103 (12-0392)The birthmother surrendered them for adoption as she admitted her incapability to support them. ... According to the birthmother,  the two girls were physically abused…and she executed the Deed of Voluntary Commitment on May 29, 2012. 
Child A is reading independently. She has difficulty answering some more abstract questions such as “why” questions. She can add and subtract one and two digit numbers. She sometimes cries if she cannot answer a question. It can take her a few minutes to stop. She is active, enjoying the playground, and has developed a mature attitude about chores. She is a good friend and is happy, content and affectionate. She is self-confident, but not competitive.
Child B is good with letters and writes them all from memory. She is into blending sounds. She is the best in the class at writing and is learning to add and subtract one digit numbers in Math. She sometimes gives up easily when she encounters difficulties and need lots of encouragement to proceed. She behaves well in the class and has good friends. She is maturing and progressing, and she understands right from wrong and accepts consequences. The two girls have a good relationship with each other.

Female, DOB December 12, 2008, Ref. No.: 9810 (13-0400)Child is a half orphan. She was 5 months old when her birthmother died due to hepatitis. The birthfather abandoned her in the care of her 80 years old maternal grandmother who has no source of income and is unable to properly take care the child. At 6 months old, a concerned citizen reported the child’s condition to the City Social Services Development Office and subsequently referred the child to H. for proper case management. At 4 years old, child was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and mild conductive hearing loss on the right and moderate conductive hearing loss on the left. She is undergoing therapy twice a week and improvements have been noted. She learns to interact with other children, developed independent skills such as feeding, brushing her teeth and toileting. The Psychological Evaluation indicated that the child’s overall development quotient is 2 years and 9 months old. At present, child is described was silent, loner yet sweet by showing affections to her caregivers. She can dress and undress herself without the assistance of a caregiver. She is kind and enjoys playing with her best friend. She talks occasionally and is unable speak clearly. She loves to sing familiar songs. She could not identify numbers, colors and could not speak words in a sentence.

A: Male, DOB November 12, 2003, Ref. No. 9741 (14-0132)
B: Male, DOB November 12, 2004, Ref. No. 9742 (14-0133)Children ages 4 and 3 years old were left by their birthfather to a certain pedicab driver, F., and never came back while the birthmother left them for unknown reasons. The children did not know the real name of their birthparents and only know their aliases. While in the family of F., the children experienced neglect and maltreatment. On February 12, 2010, the children were brought to R. for proper case management when the children were ages 7 and 6 years old. The children were placed in a foster family upon admission to R. While in the care of the foster family, the foster mother had difficulty instilling proper hygiene and right values to the children. There were incidents that the children steal the foster mother’s money and valuable things from the members of the family. They were counselled and promised not to do it again. However, some incident still occurred from time to time.
Child A: Child is enrolled as Grade 4 pupil in a public school. He has short attention span in studying and could not stay long in one place due to his short attention span. He is being bullied by his classmates but he never retaliates. Child can read English books but has poor comprehension. He likes outdoor activities and computer games. Based on the Psychological Evaluation child has an average intellectual functioning.

Child B: Child is enrolled as Grade 2 pupil in a public school. He shows diligence in studies with the supervision of his foster mother. He performs household chores with minimal supervision and initiates doing other tasks such as feeding the family pets. He likes biking and spending time with his brother and foster brother. Based on the Psychological Evaluation child has an average intellectual functioning.

A: Female, DOB October 19, 2004, Ref. No. : A- 9771 (14-0162)
B: Male, DOB July 14, 2006, Ref. No. 9772 (14-0163)
Child A at 3 years old was found in M. by a concerned citizen in M. and was referred to M. Social Welfare Department for temporary shelter. After six months Child B was found by barangay officials filthy and malnourished. He was then referred to M. for temporary shelter. The birthparents were located and found out that both of their children are in the acre and custody of M. The family is street dwellers and allegedly using solvent. Parents are engaged in scavenging but not enough to provide the needs of the children. In November 2009, the children were both referred to V. for proper case management. Since then the children’s birthparents never came back and whereabouts are unknown. Efforts were made to locate the birthparents but prove futile. The child was declared abandoned by the DSWD in August 13, 2013.
Child A: At 7 years old, she was assessed of having mild symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). However, the structured activities and consistent implementation of rules and discipline helped her improved her condition. She regularly attends play therapy and was observed to have tendency to be fixated, manifested attention seeking behavior and manipulation. She was observed to have poor ability to express verbally and could express self through singing. She sometimes gets involved in petty fights at the center. She can follow simple instructions and can do her tasks at the center such as sweeping, setting the table, cleaning the girls’ room and bathroom and dishwashing. Child is currently enrolled as Grade 3 pupil in a public school. She attends to school regularly. Based on the feedback of her teacher, she is often absent-minded. She had difficulty participating in the daily class activities. Based on her Psychological Evaluation, child has Low Average intellectual functioning.
Child B: At 4 years old, child was diagnosed with Developmental Language Disorder. He was referred for Speech and Language Evaluation and result was Speech and Language delay as characterized by Delayed Inner Language Skills, Delayed Receptive Language Skills which included limited ability to follow commands if not provided with gestures and age appropriate integrative thinking skills. The underwent speech therapy. At present, child is observed to be playful and cheerful. He has good relationship with his playmates and staff. He is observed to be close to his sister (Child A) and gets jealous when some children get her attention more than him. He is open to his sister and they spend time in playing and reading. He tends to get easily annoyed when he does not get what he wants or when his playmates bully him. He is described as affectionate and loves being cuddled by adult. He can follow simple instruction and do certain tasks such as sweeping, setting the table and dishwashing. Child is currently Grade 2 pupil in a public school. According to his teacher, he usually plays during school hours and has short attention span. He attends tutorial lessons at the center for basic writing, reading and Math lessons. Based on his Psychological Evaluation, child has Low Average intellectual functioning.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Grant Available for Girl 415G

We are still searching for a special family for this special little girl who waits in China. She is 3 ½ years old and has facial deformities. We have a $2500 grant available toward the adoption costs for the family who adopts her. The grant is made available from an anonymous family who prays daily that this little girl will get her own family very soon. To see the child’s information, contact any Hand In Hand office and refer to Girl 415G.  

From the donors: "We are praying that a loving home can be found soon for her, and that she is able to receive the medical care she needs." 

Please share her information with families that you know. We are so grateful for the love of this donor and all of our families who help advocate for children in need of families.

Families may contact their local Hand In Hand office or Vickie Truelove at

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Updated Waiting Child Lists

See Hand In Hand's updated Waiting Child lists! There are over 100 pages of descriptions of children waiting in the Philippines. Could one of them be yours?

Contact Hand In Hand at 260-636-3566 or for more information.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If you have already started on a home study but have not yet picked a country or an agency to work with, then this may be a good option for you! 


We have received the information on the first six children from Nantong Orphanage who have been cleared for inter-country adoption.  Families for these children must either already have their dossier in China with Hand In Hand or must be ready to do so within three months.  These children are between two and four years old and have corrected special needs (e.g. extra digits already removed, anal atresia already operated on, meningitis already cured, preterm but healthy now, cleft lip already operated.)  Even if you can’t get your dossier to China in time for one of these children, you can start on a dossier with a future Nantong child in mind.  Contact us for more information on how to do this.