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Families Needed for the Philippines 2014 Summer Hosting Program

Do you live in or near a state with a Hand In Hand office (IN, FL, MN, CO)? If so we are still advocating for four children who could still be added to the hosting program this summer if families step forward for them right away. Hand In Hand had a very successful hosting program last summer that resulted in placements for almost a dozen teen and preteen boys and girls.  Hosting families from last year would be happy to talk to families about their experiences.  Please read and share this information to help find these children a family.

One of Hand In Hand's many host families with their new children.
For more information on hosting and for the children's full case studies and pictures, please contact Vickie Truelove at or 260-636-3566.

Please note: If you find a child of interest on the long shared list on, you may inquire about adding any of those children to the hosting program as well if they are at least age six.  Some may already be matched with other agency's hosting programs, but it is possible to inquire to see their current status.

AT is a 13 year old boy
*Last summer Hand In Hand matched multiple teenage boys with files similar to this child's file. See here for a post about one family's experience hosting a 13-year-old boy: A Glance Back at the 2013 Philippines Hosting Program

Child is currently in a public school and attends class regularly.  He relates well to his classmates and children at the center.  He is an average student.  He can read Filipino and English.  His favorite subjects are English and Science.  He works hard in his classes and is noted to be friendly and trusted by others.  He wants to become a pilot someday and wants to help poor people.  Based on his psychological evaluation he has an average intellectual functioning.  He is active and likes playing basketball and soccer, and he is a good sport when he plays. He is respectful and tries to follow the rules of the institution. He attends Sunday school and Sunday service each Sunday.  He is hopeful to have a family even though he is getting closer to aging out.


CJ is a 12 year old girl.
In her foster home, CJ was described as sweet, friendly and easily associates with children of her age. She performed household chores. She knew how to respect adults. When reprimanded, she listened....


AA and MA are brothers who are 12 and 9 years old.* 

*This sibling group has made huge steps forward since coming into care from a difficult background four years ago. They have learned survival behaviors that have greatly reduced since they have entered care. Families should read and consider the entire file, not just the short description below, as it shows great improvement and positive notes from the houseparents about the progress the children have made and their desire for a family. It is recommended that experienced parents apply who can keep these boys as the youngest in the family and who can provide the loving support they need to continue the progress they have made so far.

The older brother, AA, is playful. He loves to play with other children in the center. He loves ball games and likes watching televisions programs or cartoon movies. He loves to read books. He likes to dance. He tries his best to learn dance steps. He shows confidence in performing a dance presentation during parties. He is responsible to his assigned household chores. He is receiving therapy and counseling to deal with stealing, inclination to fabricate stories, oppositional defiant behaviors and sexualized behaviors.  He has been noted to be responding well to the counseling and the consistent discipline. He has significant delays in his receptive and expressive language. According to his teacher, he behaves well in class. He is kind and a good leader, and he is kind and helpful with other children.  He participates in class discussions. He receives average to above average scores during quizzes. At home, he has individual tutorial being provided by the house parents. 

The younger brother, MA, loves to play with other children and makes friends easily. He does not lose easily, though, and usually cries when he loses the game and or is teased by other children. He cries out loud to get attention from the staff. He also fights back whenever he is being offended or hurt. He is currently undergoing counseling and psychotherapy to address stealing, fabrication of stories, and sexualized behavior.  As with his brother, the counseling and consistent discipline have greatly helped, and at present, he follows rules and regulations at the center and has stopped lying. He was diagnosed with delays in his receptive and expressive language abilities, pragmatics as well as in his integrative thinking skills, so he is in speech therapy, and it is noted that his words are now clearer and easier to understand. He is currently enrolled at Special Education School. His teacher says that he is playful and no focus but sees it as normal for his age. He loves to draw and is enrolled in soccer activity once a week.  He is not picky about food and is a child who will talk spontaneously about his past experiences.

Both of the children have expressed a desire for a permanent and stable family. AA was very thoughtful about what he wished for in parents, and said he wanted parents that are kind, loving, and will teach good manners and right conduct to their children. He says if he has siblings that he would want them to be kind and loving and to treat him and MA just like brothers.  


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Waiting Child Spotlight! Recent Waiting Children in the Philippines

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a group of children in the Philippines that Hand In Hand has recently requested full files on. Some of these children are on Hand In Hand's list, and some may be on the shared list. Contact Vickie at or 260-636-3566 for full files and pictures of these children, and to inquire about their current status.  It may be possible for older children (age 6+) to still be added to this year's summer hosting program.

Male, DOB August 18, 2010, Ref. No. : 9218 (13-0108)

Child was abandoned by his birthmother at the hospital after giving birth. Child was delivered premature and was left in the hospital for further medical intervention when his birthmother was discharged. After 5 days, the birthmother visited the child once at the hospital and did not return nor communicate. After his medications, child was referred to child caring agency for proper case management. Child was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, spastic cerebral palsy and quadriplegic and “pesplanus” or flat foot. He has normal reach, grasp and release. He can hold his bottle, spoon and toothbrush. He can unbutton and remove his clothes. He can walk, run at slow pace, and can climb on his crib, small tables and chairs. He can ride himself in a toy car and rocking horse. He points his fingers to the television and to the directions he likes to go. He can dance to the tune of “barney” and “twinkle, twinkle,” and other nursery rhymes. He responds to own name and smile when the caregiver approaches him. He reponds to peek-a-boo and can utter “bye, mama, baba, ate (sister) and yaw (don’t like). He waves his hands bye-bye.

A: Female, DOB 2004, Ref. No. 9102 (12-0391)
B: Female, DOB 2007, Ref. No. 9103 (12-0392)
The birthmother surrendered them for adoption as she admitted her incapability to support them (Sensitive family history; contact Hand In Hand for more information.) According to the birthmother,  the two girls were physically abused, …and she executed the Deed of Voluntary Commitment on May 29, 2012. Child A is reading independently. She has difficulty answering some more abstract questions such as “why” questions. She can add and subtract one and two digit numbers. She sometimes cries if she cannot answer a question. It can take her a few minutes to stop. Child B is good with letters and writes them all from memory. She is into blending sounds. She is the best in the class at writing and is learning to add and subtract one digit numbers in Math. She sometimes gives up easily when she encounters difficulties and need lots of encouragement to proceed. She behaves well in the class and has good friends. 

A: Female, DOB September 27, 2000, Ref. No. 9230 (13-0120)B: Male, DOB September 13, 2002, Ref. No.  9231 (13-0121)C: Male, DOB June 16, 2004, Ref. No. 9232 (13-0122)The children were half orphans. Their birthfather died in 2009 due to a vehicular accident. The birthmother has no source of income and was left to raise her children. The irthmother had difficulty providing the needs of her children thus she sought the assistance of an institution. The birthmother decided to voluntarily surrender her children for adoption.
Child A is described as athletic, affectionate and a good sister to her brothers. She enjoys playing basketball and soccer, writing letters, doing craft projects and getting dressed up. At school, she puts great effort in her school work. She actively participates in class discussion. She likes to read and is observed to be a strong speller. She is assessed to have Average intellectual functioning.

Child B enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He demonstrates good sportsmanship much of the time. At school, he is improving and participates in class discussion. His teacher feels that he needs practice with his reading skills. He is assessed to have Below Average
intellectual functioning.

Child C enjoys playing with cars, toy animals, and building blocks. He is described to have a vivid imagination and is creative in his storytelling and drawings. At school, he struggles following his teacher’s instructions. He is observed to perform better when boundaries are consistent and have been made known to him. He is assessed to have Below Average intellectual functioning.

Female, DOB February 22, 2012, Ref. No. : 9447 (13-0337)
Child was a newborn baby when found…. The concerned citizen immediately brought the child to the hospital for medical intervention. The medical staff assessed that the child was premature and has completed only 6 months and 3 weeks gestation. Due to the child’s condition, she stayed in the hospital for 77 days for observation. The child eventually referred to an institution for proper case management. At 5 months old, she was observed to have strabismus. At 11 months old she was diagnosed with spastic lower extremities and was advised to undergo physical therapy which started February 2013 up to present. At 1 year and 3 months old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic type. At present, she can sit with support for few seconds. She squeals out loud when playing. She only produces sounds and smiles when responding to adults. She likes being cuddled. She taps her arms and legs with joy when she sees her caregiver approaching. She can hold objects with both hands. Child is unable to stand by herself.

*URGENT: AGING OUT* Female, DOB February 20, 2000, Ref. No.: 8336 (11-0028)
At the age of 4, the child was abandoned by her birthmother to the custody of a landlady who eventually sought the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development for proper care and case management when the child reached the age of 7 years and 11 months. Initially, the child stayed at the Social Development Center of DSWD for 3 years then had 2 consecutive foster care placements that both lasted for a month. She was returned to the institution because of her negative behavior. In 2009, the child was placed in another foster family but after 3 years the foster parents returned her to the DSWD indicating that she has been lying and stealing from the foster parent and their church office fliers and materials. The child is looking forward to have a family who are willing to accept and adopt her.
The child has an average IQ ability. She is quiet type of person but loves to play and participates in group discussion at the center. Despite of her negative behavior she is showing good academic performance and consistently first honor in the class. She is now in Grade 4 and diligent in school activities. She is responsible in doing household chores. She is physically healthy.

Male, DOB November 17, 2009, Ref. No.: 9536 (13-0426)
Child and his mother were rescued by the barangay officials…. Child was approximately 3 months old and was referred to S. for temporary shelter while mother was referred to a mental health institution. She was diagnosed with undifferentiated schizophrenia…. After two weeks, child was referred to a child caring agency for proper case management.  At 6 months old, child was admitted and placed to a foster family. He was observed to be happy and well baby. He smiles and coos when played or talked to. At 9 months old, he was observed with weak left upper and lower extremities. He had difficulty using his left hand. At 1 year and 2 months old child was diagnosed with hemoporosis and could be secondary to hypoxic encephalophaty or Evb’s palsy due to traumatic delivery. He was advised to undergo physical therapy for his upper and lower extremities. On December 2011, child was diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia where the left side of his body is affected and there is noted decreased movement on his left part.
Child positively bonded with his foster family and loves playing with them. He is attached to his foster mother. He calls his foster parents “mama” and “papa.” Child has attended occupational and physical therapy and has noted improvements from the caregivers. He can walk with his left foot flattened on the ground and can jump using both feet. He can catch a call with both hands. He can use his left hand in doing things such as pushing and pulling. He can lift his body with his left leg bent. He has good balance when standing. He likes music and would mimic the song and dances when he hears familiar song. He can understand simple instructions like “throw your trash in the trash can,” keep your toys, etc. 
Male, DOB July 21, 2011,  Reference Number 9558 (13-0448)
[Sensitive family history; contact Hand in Hand for information.] The birthmother and her son stayed with her maternal aunt…after they were discharged from the hospital. To support the needs of her son, the birthmother worked in a retail company. The birthmother took good care of her son for five months and after several counseling has decided to surrender him for adoption.  Child can feed himself with minimal assistance from caregivers. He can hold a spoon and fork when eating. He can walk and run fast. He can utter two words such as “mama and papa.” He responds when called. He can understand simple instructions. He imitates other children his age. He plays other children and likes to watch cartoon movies. Based on the Developmental Assessment, child was diagnosed to have global developmental delay. 

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Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 8036

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a tiny boy in the Philippines who is special to a family who just arrived home from the Philippines last week and met this child:

"I would like to share about a little boy I met in my older children's orphanage in the Philippines last week, because I'm hoping you will pray and think about who you may know who could parent little C. C is my teenage daughter's little buddy; she tells that she loved to help care for him because he always had the biggest, most cheerful smiles for everyone.  C. is nine, but is only the size of a tiny, thin three-year-old, and doctors do not expect him to grow very big. He has cerebral palsy that so far keeps him from walking, but he is very active, and pulls and crawls around, and he is a busy little boy with a very cute "baby face." He is almost always smiling, and tries very hard to interact with people around him. When we came in to see him, his little face was obviously alive with interest in what was going on, in contrast to his other little roommate, who regarded us solemnly.

C. appears to be trying to talk, but can't make his mouth do what he wants it to do; his default expression is a smile, but he gapes and makes incoherent sounds when he appears to be trying to respond to people who talk to him. I noticed that he was able to swallow his saliva, and he can swallow food that has been pureed, so he definitely has some level of motor control of his mouth and tongue. His caretakers say he has a few words that they have learned to understand, one of which means "want" when he is requesting something. I asked the nanny if he understood them, and she said "yes" and turned to him and said, "Sit up, C." Without a moment's hesitation, he sat up for her. She picked him up, and he excitedly waved towards us. He is missing one arm from the elbow down; it was amputated shortly after birth because of a bad infection, but his other limbs are intact.

He seems to be a favorite of his caregivers, sweet, interactive, and anxious to be loved. He no doubt has intellectual deficits, based on his medical condition, but based on his understanding of simple commands and his attempts to communicate, I wonder if he is a child who is locked in much like someone who had a stroke. He has PT and OT for his motor skills, and I can't help but wonder if a device for stroke victims, an audio assisted communication device where he can push a button and have it talk for him, might not change his life.

He will need a special family who will see him as the joy and blessing he is. He craves love and attention, and eagerly GIVES love and attention. He seems to be frustrated by his inability to talk at times, and I noticed that after he tried very hard to get some sounds out, he bumped his head back a couple of times against the crib walls. He did not do it hard, but the staff still immediately responded, put a hand behind his head and reassured him, and he stopped, and it struck me as a frustration behavior. His cheerful personality bubbled up again almost immediately, though, and he was back to smiling, waving toward us and maneuvering around. His caretakers just smiled sadly when I said I would try to find him a family. They don't have much hope that someone would want their little C. I would like to see that change."


This child's file indicates mixed athetoid and spastic cerebral palsy, microcephaly and failure to thrive.  His file also had some of the most glowing notes that we have ever seen about a child with significant disabilities, naming him as the "apple of the eye" of his caretakers, and his pictures do indeed each show him sitting in a tiny, toddler wheelchair wearing a big smile. If you might be called to parent this happy, special, little boy, contact Hand In Hand for his full file and pictures, and ask for Child 8036.  Call 260-636-3566 or e-mail

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Waiting Child Spotlight! Philippines Boy 9608

Today's Waiting Child Spotlight is on a child on the shared list, so contact Hand In Hand ( to find the child's current availability. We see many children's files mentioning all kinds of activities and interests listed, but this boy takes the honors for variety. A top student, he "enjoys outdoor activities like basketball and soccer. He tries break-dancing, composing songs and playing guitar. He also engages in drawings and paintings during his spare time." This sounds like a boy who might be a fun-loving addition to the Hand In Hand summer hosting program! 

Male, DOB July 13, 2003, Ref. No. : 9608 (13-0498)
Child was approximately 3 years and 6 months old when he was left by his alleged father to a neighbor and never came back. Child stayed in the custody of his neighbor for 5 years who eventually turned over him to a barangay captain. On January 13, 2013, the barangay captain referred the child to an institution for proper case management. Child is currently level 4 pupil and enrolled under a homeschooled program. According to his teachers he has good reading skills particularly in Filipino subjects. He can comprehend. He understands English words and is able to gradually speak in English. He is consistent A1 student among the children in his level. (A-1 student award is given to children with exceptional school accomplishments and attitudes in school during every quarter.) Based on his Psychological Evaluation report dated March 13, 2013, child has below average mental ability. Child enjoys outdoor activities like basketball and soccer. He tries break-dancing, composing songs and playing guitar. He also engages in drawings and paintings during his spare time. He adapted himself to daily routines, rules, and activities in the institution. He follows rules to avoid troubles and problems. He has been in positive and negative attitudes, however, is very humble when reprimanded and willing to be corrected. He knows how to make amends when he hurts others.

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Waiting Children in China January 2014

The following children are waiting in China through Hand in Hand's “Special Focus Program.” Contact Vickie at for more information and full files on these children.


Girl 1022A - Born August 30, 2010- ASD, Paralysis of lower limbs, both eyes cannot track moving lights, spina bifida and spinal meningocele, diastomyelia, spinal hollow, congenital hydrocephalus

This beautiful little girl is described as an extremely smiley little baby. She smiles happily just by simply being played with.  She was born on August 30, 2010 and came to live in her child caring institute on September 6, 2010.  When she was younger the caregivers called her “little smiling Buddha”. 

She has hydrocephalus and meningocele.  She had hydrocephalus and meningocele surgery, and afterward, went for another meningocele surgery.  Her intelligence is not affected and she is very cute.  She understands all kinds of expressions and words the caregivers say.  However, her condition has meant the loss of her legs’ ability to walk.  A report dated June 28, 2011 (10 months old) states that she is receiving acupuncture and massage, etc., as treatment.  When she is 15 months old, she can have a special walker made for her, to train the muscles in her hips and legs how to walk.  There is no updated report with regard to this walker or her ability to walk at this time.  Her caregivers are filled with hope for her future; that certainly she will have no problem being self-sufficient in the future and will be a productive member of society.

The June 2011 report also shares: this beautiful little girl has a good appetite.  She eats well every day is happy to try the food prepared for her.  Normally she doesn’t really cry or fuss; typically when she is full she will lie in her crib and play with her little hands.  When she gets tired of playing, she will fall asleep on her own.  If there is someone standing by her bed, playing with her, she will quickly give you a munificent smile.  Now she has a signature movement, which is to brandish her little fist each day when she is happy.  The nannies all really like her and have given her the cute nickname of “Wealth-Bringing Cat.”  This name really suits her, as her chubby little face looks just like a fat little cat.

We thought the report said it best and wanted to share:  Overall, we are waiting for a family to come for our little baby.  Her life has too many sorrows and she really needs to belong to her own family.  She needs her own mother and father and the love of her mother and father.  She will absolutely become the bright little star of your family and will no doubt capture the heart of every member of the family.  Love her, give her warmth, and she will certainly bring you warmth and joy! - Report dated: June 28, 2011

Girl 1217A - Born March 14, 2009- Cleft palate, pigeon chest, mild language and hearing dysaudia 
 This precious girl who is now 4 years old is described as extroverted, clever, and active.  She was born on March 14, 2009 and joined the child caring institution on June 11, 2011 when she was 26 months old.  Please note:  the report and photo are nearly 2 years old.

Upon admission to the institution her physical exam revealed that she was well-featured, no deformity of spine, thorax was systematic and no deformity, no special findings of heart, abdomen and lungs.  She had mild language and hearing dysaudia (difficulty hearing), mild cleft palate, and her small fingers were “upturning”.  At the time of admission her measurements were:  88cm in height, 14kg in weight, 49cm in head size, 49.5cm in chest size.   In the report dated September 8, 2011 her measurements were:  height: 95.3cm, weight: 13.1 kg, head size: 45.5 cm, and chest size: 51cm.

She is described as lovely, healthy, and beautiful.  She enjoys playing outdoors, sports, and teasing adults. Report dated:  September 8, 2011


Boy 722B-born August 16, 2011- congenital heart disease and possible clubbed feet
This cutie was born August 16, 2011 and was admitted to the institute on November 8, 2011. He is described as strong, eager, restless and active. This clever, handsome little boy likes to go places where there are a lot of children as well as the supermarket. He is benefitting from the special love, attention and care of an experienced foster mother.

On admission he was 36cm in head size, chest size:36cm, height:52cm, weight:4.5kg. He was small and weak and not developing well on admission. After a week’s observation, we found that he breathed hard and turned green in the face when crying. He went to the hospital to have a Colorful Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnosis Report. The report confirmed that he has congenital heart disease. The doctors said that he was too young to treat and suggested he be taken care of carefully at home.

He went to live with a very experienced foster mother who is very loving. He is very well cared for in the foster family. Because of his special physical situation, the foster mother gave him a lot of love and care. Up to now, his health is well, even though his body development is weaker than the same aged children. By appearance, there is no difference among them. He gets good-quality milk powder. He has never been infected with infectious disease, and seldom has a cold.

He was almost 3 months on admission, weak, eating little, and noisy sometimes. At the age of 4months, he adapted to the circumstances, all kinds of sounds outside, laughing sometimes. At the age of 5momths, when getting up and lying down, he could raise his head, relying on his foster mother. When hearing the voice of the mother, he would be very happy and he was apparently fatter. At the age of 6 months, he could stare at the mouth of adults, laughing when others talk with him. His feet were not strong and his head was not stable. We increased his nutrition with fish liver oil dosage pill. The foster mother pays special attention to the seasons changing and worse weather to prevent him from getting colds which he struggles with. He was somewhat impatient and turned green in the face when crying. His foster mother tried to avoid situations that made him cry. At the age of 8 months, he could roll when lying, hold the toys beside him, sit stable against something, knew the difference between strangers and familiars, and turned his head when called.

In the report dated June 5, 2011 [perhaps this should be 2012], he is described as being able to feed himself cookies, fetch small things, understand the meaning of adults’ facial expressions, and exchange the hands to play with toys. At the time of the report [likely about 10 months old], his head size is 43.5cm, chest size:42.5cm, height:64.5cm, weight: 7.5kg, teeth:0. He has a small spot on the skin around sacroiliac bone , no water. The doctor feels it’s no problem.

At the time of the report he likes sucking his fingers when sleeping and likes to sleep with adults. He likes to watch the television ads, and uses his voice when he feels happy. He is fond of playing with toys, looks for the toys lost, and tears paper. He responds quickly. He is
a very lovely handsome little boy. --Report dated June 5 2011 [perhaps should be 2012]
Boy 722A-born June 29, 2011- Imperforate anus after operation
This cuddly, extroverted boy was born on June 29, 2011. Upon admission he was diagnosed with an imperforated anus fistula after operation. The operation was performed before his admission to the welfare institute at one month old. He is described as active and lovely.

In a report dated January 15, 2012, he could not turn over. He liked colorful toys with sounds. When the caretaker teased him, he danced with his hands and feet. Every day he liked speaking to the familiar caretakers and kids. He also liked being cuddled by his caretaker. When the caretaker came to him, he stared at her with his big eyes until she cuddled him. All of his caretakers praise him. --Report dated Jan 15, 2012

Boy 805B-born February 6, 2011- Large black spots on skin
This sweet baby boy was admitted to the institute on April 26, 2011 and his birth date was estimated to be February 6, 2011.  He is an outgoing little guy who loves to smile and is not afraid of strangers. His physical examination upon entering the institute recorded that he was 60 cm tall, weighed 7.9 kg, had a head circumference of 44 cm, a chest circumference of 43 cm and black spots on his body.

 A report dated June 13, 2012 states that when he hears sounds, he responds.  He doesn’t often cry and he sleeps very well.  He can differentiate between people he’s familiar with and strangers. His current physical status as of June 13, 2012: 69 cm tall, weighs 9 kg, has a head circumference of 46 cm, a chest circumference of 45 cm and black specks on his skin. Report dated: June 13, 2012

Boy 510 A – born 7/7/10 – high muscular tension of limbs
This little guy was about two months old when he came to the welfare institute and has an estimated birth date of June 7 2010.   His most recent report at 2 years and 1 month describes him as very handsome with a round face like an apple and black large eyes. We agree! 

His physical exam upon admission to the welfare institute revealed a diagnosis of high muscular tension of limbs.  His other development was normal. He was 41cm in head size, 44cm in chest size, 62cm in height and 6.5kg in weight. At two months old he had a good spirit, no crying and had good sleep.  He would turn his face to his aunt when she touched his face.  At six months old he could sit on the baby chair alone and play.  He liked to put the toy in his mouth to bite it.  He giggled happily when his aunt teased him, shaking his hands and feet.   At 1 year old he could crawl on his hands and knees and stand up while holding onto support.  When he would see his familiar aunt, he would reach out his hands for her to ask her to hold him.  His hands were very flexible and he could express with his hands “welcome”, “goodbye”, “dance”, and so on. 

On September 12, 2011, he cried, suddenly vomiting, presented comatose state, and we sent him to the hospital for treatment immediately. By brain CT examination: subdural hemorrhage on right temproparietal part, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hernia formation. After hospitalization, he was diagnosed as brain dysplasia on right side. After 17 days in the hospital, he was discharged, and we found him lower muscular tension of left upper and lower limbs, limited movement and poor reaction.  He had a rehabilitation plan that included massage for 2 hours daily, electrotherapy, etc…  He soon recovered. 

 At 1.5 years old, he can stand with right arm holding onto supports.  The movements of his right hand and foot are free.  He can take a toy with his right hand and shake it.  The muscular tension on his left upper and lower limbs improved, but his fine motor and his coordination are poor.  He is still performing rehabilitation and is very cooperative.  He likes to crawl fast!

The most recent report at 2 years 1 month reports that he is outgoing and likes sports.  He can sit alone, stand alone and walk alone, but the coordination of his left lower limb is poor and he is not steady.  He likes to hold his aunt’s hand when he walks.   He is described as a clever child.  He smiles at his aunt when she tells him to go to sleep.  He is obedient and knows the other children’s names.  He smiles often.  His measurements on July 4, 2012 were: 48.5cm in head size, 51cm in chest size, 84cm in height and 13.5kg in weight, has 16 teeth. -Dated July 4, 2012

Boy 328 M - born Dec 12 2009 – mild hydrocephalus, no operation needed
He is a little stubborn but active and lovely. He likes to play balls and balloon. When seeing the favorite or new toy, he can pull the hands of the aunts, and cry out the things pointed at. He has the strong feelings with the caretakers. When seeing the caretaker, he has shining eyes. He plays well with the small children.  He is growing up healthily under the wonderful care of the aunts in the institute. On admission, the child had the check and diagnosis by the medical staff in the institute. He was diagnosed with hydrocephaly, low intelligence. But he eats well and has the regular diet. He was taken into the hospital in June, 2012 mainly due to the poor language and walking development, the review of brain CT shows that hydrocephaly has no obvious changes compared with the previous situation, and suggestion of no operation. --Report written Dec 20 2012

Boy 510 B - born Oct 26, 2009 – Down Syndrome
This sweet boy was found on Oct 26 2010.   After admission to the welfare institute it was estimated according to his growth and development that he was about a year old and he was given the birth date of Oct 26 2009.  He is described as happy both at his care facility during the day and with his foster family.  He is a friendly little boy who is liked by everyone. He is benefiting from the care of a foster family. His report shows he is benefitting from his infant parenting program participation as well.

At 1 year 1 month, he joined the infant parenting program through his child care facility and Half-Sky Fund.   He was taken care of by the nurturer in the day time and he did not like to contact the outside world. He would look down his head when being called. At the age of 1 year 2months, he could prop his upper half body with both hands and move forward. At the age of 1 year 5 months, he could crawl with his knees and hands, liked playing before the mirror, could make sounds of “a, da”, could understand simple language and direction, could imitate simple action. At the age of 1year 8months, he could walk freely, was not afraid of strangers, liked touching fresh things, could make greetings with “a,a”; had his good friends and could play toys with them. At the age of 2 years, he liked dancing, knew the position of his 5 organs, could imitate sit-up, liked playing see-saw and sliding. At the age of 2 years 3months, he was attractive, liked imitating, could follow simple action. At the age of 2 years 6months, he could recognize mates in the same activity room; could understand the adult’s language, could speak “dad, mum”. His language development was delayed, but he had his own means of expressing himself.  He is described as active, lovely and fond of smile. --Report date Aug 29, 2012

Boy 1010A- Born Sep.16 2009-low weight, delayed growth development, mild anemia
This sweet 3 year old boy was born on September 16, 2009 and came to live in his child caring institute on September 26, 2009.  He is described as a happy boy who teases his caregivers and laughs with them.  When he cries, he enjoys being cuddled by his nannies and being outside.  One of his favorite outside activities is sitting in the walker and driving it quickly. His medical information and diagnosis seem to include varying information.  His diagnosis (report dated December 27, 2011) is low weight, delayed growth development and mild anemia.  Some of his other information mentions CHD (self-cured).  There is mention of another more sensitive diagnosis in his paperwork which inquiring families may have access to.

At the time of his more recent reports (about 2 years 7months old), he was learning to walk, enjoyed listening to music and shaking his body to the music (we can just imagine his little baby dance!).  He also enjoys swimming. In addition he was imitating words. 
His growth chart shows the following:


Head Size
Chest Size




This little guy is described as shy, fond of music and fond of playing games.  He is closest to his caregivers but gets along well with other children too. Reports dated:  December 27, 2011;  January 5, 2012; March 26, 2012; April 6, 2012.

 Boy 710E -Born August 31, 2009- cleft lip; alternating esotropia of both eyes
This little one was admitted to the welfare institute when he was 11 months old. His birth date is August 31, 2009. He is described as outgoing and active and enjoys playing games with the other children. He’s not afraid of strangers and is curious in new situations.  Upon his admission on August 10, 2009, he was able to sit and have meals but could not yet walk. At 15 months of age he could take several steps alone. He has had fever and coughing symptoms occasionally but recovered quickly upon treatment with medicines. His growth after admission:
 Age/Height(cm)/Weight(kg)/Head Size (cm)/Chest Size (cm)/No. of teeth

 The report dated April 27, 2011 describes his development currently. He can walk freely. He is not yet able to speak but he understands his name when called. He can hold a bottle to drink milk alone. He has good physical development. He enjoys music and toy cars and has a ready smile. Report dated April 27, 2011

Boy 805A-born Sep 9, 2006- Osteogenesis Imperfecta “Brittle Bone”
This smiley little guy was born on September 9, 2006 and was admitted to the child caring institute on November 9, 2009.  He is a little bit shy and very smart.  He is described as curious about new things and likes to ask “why?” and “what?”  Upon admission he was diagnosed with congenital osteogenesis imperfecta (sometimes known as “brittle bone disease”) and dysfunction of the lower limbs.  A report dated May 2011 states that his condition does not affect his daily life.  He has good self-care ability.  He can eat, dress, and take off clothes by himself.  The report states, “He can walk alone at ease with hands handle the wheel chair.”  [We believe this means he cannot walk but rather gets around in his wheel chair, though we do not have confirmation of this at this time.]

The May 2011 report (when he was about 5.5 years old) describes him as introverted and curious.  He has good expression and ability to understand others. He can talk with people in complete sentences and is very fond of listening to stories told by adults and playing with adults. He also likes to play with children and gets along well with them. He can count and tell 1-10.  He likes to draw, listen to music, read, and watch pictures. He is very good at making products by hand. He likes to make crafts. He is not picky with his food choices, but he doesn’t eat a large amount of food. He likes bananas best. He had a physical examination on Apr 27, 2010 (about 4.5 years old) where the following measurements were reported:   Height: 85.2 cm, weight: 10 kg, head size: 44.5 cm, teeth: 20 -- Report dated:  May 3, 2011

Boy 320 J - born Aug 31 2006 - mild mental retardation and epilepsy
On admission, according to the physical development, his birth date is estimated as Aug 2006.  The child is already 4 years old on admission. Initially, he did not go out to play and did not like to talk. After a period of time, the child gradually involve in the team. He is more active and optimistic. He likes to run and jump likes to play games. He can thread the little car with a string to pull. He likes to observe the outside world, and asks restlessly the aunts “what’s this? What’s that?” after being dressed in beautiful clothes, he can point at the clothes with little fingers and says to the aunts “aunt, beautiful”. Even though he is a little boy, he likes to flirt. He likes to be held by the aunts and bury the head in the breast of the aunt. When seeing the favorite objects, he will ask for it restlessly. He works hard and is full of ability. He can put on and off the clothes. He can help the classmates to put tidily. Whatever you tell him to do, as long as it belongs to his ability, he will be pleased to do. Every time when the aunts speak highly of him, he will smile happily, very cutely.  He is 119cm in height, 22.5 kg in weight, 52cm in head size, 57cm in chest size, and 24 teeth at present. He has taken anti- epilepsy medicines. Now he recur the disease for 1-2 times per month.  --SWI, May 4 2012