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Philippines Orphan Hosting Program for Summer 2013

The Philippines Orphan Hosting Program for 2013 has only a short window of time left for families to join before it is too late for the children's passports to be processed in time to travel.  Hand In Hand is very excited that so many children have been matched for hosting already! We need families to commit to the remaining children right away. Children on the Special Homefinding List could potentially be added to the hosting program as well if a family is interested. Contact Vickie at or 260-636-3566 for full files and pictures of these kids.

Families within driving distance of Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota or Florida (where we have Hand In Hand offices) may host children. Other families may adopt these children through the Special HomeFind process. If you cannot host a child, consider donating to offset the airfare of the second and third member of sibling sets, so they are not at a disadvantage in finding a family: YouCaring Hosting Scholarships

Children Waiting for Hosting in 2013

JC and JeC – brother and sister born October 1999 and June 2002: These children came from a difficult background, and their time in the institution has been a blessing to them as they learned how to be loved. JC is a good student, earning second honor in second grade, and maintaining good academic standing in subsequent grades, though he says he sometimes needs help with math. He does his chores consistently. He has difficulty relating to other children, but has been improving with the consistent discipline that he did not have previous to his admittance to the center. He was introduced to Christianity and will now volunteer to pray and knows Bible stories, and he hopes he and his sister will have parents of the same faith. JeC does well at school and gets a good report from her teacher. She helps out with chores, and is respectful and obedient to the staff. She is noted to be a "reporter" to the staff when other children break the rules, and sometimes has trouble getting along with the other children, but the behavior is being minimized with consistent discipline. These children have made huge strides in a loving environment with consistent discipline, and they would thrive in a home where they could be the only children and receive the loving training they need to excel in all areas of their lives.

JML – boy born April 2001: JML had a difficult situation without a permanent home before he was found and brought into care. He likes creative activities, and was noted to even take his drawing instruments to bed, so he could do art there, and he was later enrolled in a painting program. He learned to get along well with his peers, and to speak respectfully to adults. He can handle his daily tasks and chores, but sometimes needs reminders and supervision from his caretakers. He is functioning in the low average range intellectually as of the report, but it is noted that the test result was influenced by the fact that he did not have schooling before admittance to the center, so he is expected to progressively improve as his studies progress. He idealizes having a happy family, but still is insecure about how adults will treat him, and sometimes shows attention-seeking behavior or a tendency to test an adult's patience until he sees that he can trust the adult to be loving even while giving consistent discipline. He can apologize and promise to do better. JML is happy about the possibility of being adopted and having a family, and he hopes for a family with siblings so he will have children to play with. He would thrive in a family that can provide him with guidance, consistency and love, while fostering his artistic abilities, which are noted to be increasing with continued lessons.

JM – boy born February 2000: JM has been in care with multiple placements, and he remembers the traumatic experience of his father’s death.He is a high energy child, and a placement disrupted within five days because he was thought to be ADHD, but further evaluation in his regular environment indicates that he is in normal limits.It is thought that he may be experiencing post-traumatic behaviors rather than ADHD, and positive methods of discipline were recommended.He responded very well to this consistent, positive discipline, particularly to a star chart method, and, while he has occasionally had sibling rivalry, he has been noted throughout his childhood to be habitually kind, caring and protective toward young children, at one time becoming attached to a particular toddler that he would go out of his way to help care for.He serves Mass and leads the Rosary.JM now needs an experienced family who understands his needs and potential, and who will provide loving, consistent discipline, stability, and permanency.

CR, AR and JR – sister, brother and sister born October 1998, October 1999 and July 2001: Child A is a grade V pupil. Her teacher reported that she has poor reading skills but shows willingness to improve her reading ability. She is now doing her assignments diligently. She just needs attention and consistent reminders from houseparents to help her improve her reading and communication skills. She is observed to be shy with strangers. Child B is an active little boy. He loves mingling with friends and spent time playing with them.He is observed to be responsible in doing his assigned tasks. Sometimes, he can be restless, naughty and noisy but when talked to he listens and shows willingness to be corrected and guided. He is now a grade I pupil. He has an average performance in all subjects. Child C is a grade II pupil. She is behaved and sits quietly in the class. She has a hard time coping with all the subjects as she lacks focus and attention in the lessons. She has the difficulty in reading as well. She loves to play with other children but prefers to be with his siblings. She is observed to be quiet and inexpressive most of the time. While with her friends, she talks and laughs with them. Her caregivers often encourage and motivate her to express her needs.

RF and LF – brothers born August 1998 and July 1999: Child A is currently a Grade III pupil. At school, he is trusted by his teacher to do run errands. He is doing well in his studies and has high grades in all his subjects. He participates in class discussion as well as school activities. At the center, child attends daily tutorial. He is consistent in carrying out tasks assigned to him, such as sweeping, mopping the floor, washing the dishes, washing his clothes and cleaning their room. He also assists the younger children in their school assignment and projects. Child likes to play outdoor games such as basketball and badminton. He plays with children his age. He likes watching DVD or TV shows like cartoons. Based on his psychological report, he has high self-concept and superior emotional intelligence. Child B is healthy and has a good appetite. He is currently a Grade V pupil and participates in class discussions. He knows how to read and write Tagalog and English words. He is kind and has good relationship with his classmates. He likes basketball, hopscotch, biking and chasing each other.

Children Already Matched for Hosting in 2013

JP -- 14 year old boy: MATCHED!

AY-- 12-year-old boy: MATCHED!

TA – boy born May 2002: MATCHED!

AO – boy born January 2002: MATCHED!

WS and WF – sisters born November 1998 and April 2000: MATCHED!

GA –Boy age 14: MATCHED!

CO– Boy born July 4, 2000: MATCHED!

GL – Girl age 14: MATCHED!

JP and JLC – brothers born May 2000 and December 2001: MATCHED!
Are you unsure about what it "looks" like to adopt older children, especially older boys? See some of the resources available in the links on the left, watch the video below, or click on this link for some amazing testimony about how deeply older children desire a family: On My Own

(Blog link and video courtesy of Love Without Boundaries)

For more information, please contact your local Hand In Hand Office or Vickie Truelove at: 260-636-3566 or

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